A light in the darkness


Photograph by Alicia Wenman

Sometimes, even after all you’ve learned, and all the healing, meditation and manifestation techniques you’ve acquired, you find you’re still stuck or still struggling.

‘Why is this happening?’ You think. ‘Why are my old tools and tricks not having any effect this time?’

You feel like you’re treading water or just floundering about in a sea of emotions. You feel utterly weak and vulnerable, but your old way of being doesn’t fit who you are any more. So you can’t go back. You can only move forward, but you have no idea how to do even begin doing that right now.

It’s like you’re in a fortress of your own emotions, but you can’t break out. Your feelings are holding you hostage and you are out of options. You don’t know which way to turn or how to free yourself from this situation because you’re not even sure what’s causing this internal turmoil in the first place. Sure, life’s been a bit tough lately. But how you’re feeling doesn’t equate to what’s going on in your everyday reality.

How you’re feeling is overwhelmed. You are out of options. You want the ground to swallow you up. You want to vanish from the world, hide away, stay in bed, not face the day, run.

But there is nowhere to run or hide because you know deep down that this turmoil isn’t an external event. Nor has the turmoil necessarily been the result of any physical situation or event that you can put your finger on. The turmoil is happening inside of you. So what on Earth can you do to alleviate this situation?

The simple answer is surrender.

Let yourself drop into a gentle freefall, open up to trusting your higher mind and the universe, and just allow the process to happen.

Fighting it is futile. Because what is going on a shedding process. You are breaking free of all the restrictions and expectations that life and society has placed upon you since childhood and throughout all your lifetimes.

It’s like you are being pushed through an energetic sieve, so all the parts of your personality, your being, your ego / human ‘self’ that aren’t serving you are quickly dropping away. With it, much of your need for material possessions, old outworn habits and even some previously close relationships are now having to be released.

You feel like you have nothing to hold on to. No life raft. No stable ground beneath your feet to hold you. You feel like you are being broken apart. That is because you are.

The key to getting through this is love.

Love yourself without abandon and learn to nurture and nourish your own heart. Be kind and gentle to you during this process. For you are learning to love and forgive yourself at a very deep level. There is no longer any room for any negative self-talk or self-doubt. Holding on to feelings of unfounded guilt or shame is just too painful now so you have to let go of it. You have been forced into a metaphorical corner.

But cowering in that dark corner, you have no choice but to turn your attention within. You have to look inside yourself for answers and, most importantly of all, for support.

People talk about how being cracked apart helps you let in more light. But the simple truth is that you had the light inside of you all the time.

You just weren’t looking in the right direction.

So often we look to external people or circumstances to ‘save us’. We wait for the right partner to bring us love, we wait for the right job before we can feel ‘accomplished’ or ‘fulfilled’ and we wait for other people’s opinions before we feel we have ‘approval’.

Not any more.

Now is the time to believe in yourself. Now is the time to love who you are and to give yourself all the approval you need. No one else is going to rescue you. No cavalry is coming to save the day. You’re it.

You are your own saviour. You are the one you need – and you need you right now!

Time to turn on the light of your own inner power and look to your Divine / higher self to lead you from the darkness – away from the pain, the loss and the discomfort back in to the light of peace, joy, bliss and, most importantly, of love.

It is all inside of you. You just need to unlock it.

Love is the key.


Precious Wisdom™ is a new form of ‘healing alchemy’ that can help find your inner light and personal power, while supporting you during this process.

What is Precious Wisdom™ Healing Alchemy?

Precious Wisdom™ is a healing technique, which awakens you to true empowerment through the process of ‘spiritual alchemy’. This healing system has been channelled by Alexandra Wenman since 2012 with the help of Archangel Metatron and Lord Melchizedek, and uses universal golden energy and ancient symbols to align you with your Divine self and help you rapidly step into your own personal power.

What happens during a treatment?

The treatment can be delivered in two ways: 1) as a guided journey and energetic transmission via Skype or 2) a little like Reiki, with the client lying on a therapy couch or sitting in a chair while the energy is delivered via the healer gently placing their hands on or over the client.

After a session…

You will feel stronger, more confident, centred and aligned. You can experience increased energy and a brighter outlook on life. Many clients have also reported feeling much more empowered and issues they have previously struggled with no longer seem to affect them in the same way.