‘Brigon’ the Arcturian speaks about the Lion’s Gate Portal

I have had another message from Brigon the Blue Ray Arcturian I met in Lourdes, France last week.

He has been with me since that first meeting and I have captured more images – although mainly orbs and cloud formations. When I went through my pictures from the trip, I found his face looking out at me from over people’s shoulders, and in rocks and plants.

I have been followed by an orb of his unmistakable teal blue ever since and caught his face in the orb last night.

This morning, he woke me to write down this message:

Brigon the Blue Ray Arcturian (Channelling by Alexandra Wenman – 7.33am – 2/8/17)

Dear ones,

We have much to say and there is much to be done. The planet is shifting quickly now. More and more hidden truths are being revealed. Pay attention to that which seems ‘off’ to you. Feel into your truth. If something does not feel right, you do not have to accept it. Ask questions, be curious. Follow your hearts.

Many of you are breaking through the astral ceiling at this time. You have been moving through layers and layers of dense karma. At times you have wanted to get off the path and give up. Many have felt the overwhelming urge to return home. We wish to say to you: hold fast! The tides at last are beginning to turn. There is yet more intensity to come as the old world is being dismantled, but evidence of the new world is showing up in your lives. Our decision to show ourselves is offered to you at this time as some of this evidence.

However, many of you will already have gathered your own personal evidence in the form of signs and messages from your guides and soul family, as well as through your intuitive hunches, past life memory and prophetic dreams. Trust what you feel and what you see. There is much more to this human game than you once thought. The false veil – the false ceiling of control – is slipping! It is cracking. So many of you are bursting through it and stepping out of the reincarnation cycle.

This has caused a forward momentum of such a pure love vibration that it is impossible to turn back. The dismantling of the old patriarchy is assured. The priests and priestesses of old have returned and are remembering. They knew us. We had open channels of communication with them as we do with you now – before the age of darkness swept over the planet. But it was a darkness you chose to endure. You had to understand the nature of your own shadow in order to embrace the purest aspect of your light. It is all in the balance.

The time has come for you to integrate the shadow. You cannot run from it and it cannot remain hidden. The shadow is revealing itself. And the only way through it is love. Love is the key. Love is the way. Love everything that is being triggered in you at this time. Love your fears, love your doubts, love yourself more than anything right now. Hold love for your planet and for each other. Be determined in your love.

Many of you are finding it easier to simply let go of your karma. You are now feeling bored of the drama and just letting things be. Allowing what will be to be whilst holding a vibration of love is the path of mastery. We are so very proud and honoured to bear witness to this. Your evolution is a beautiful sight to behold!

We have said before that when your vibration is lifted and you tune into joy and love, from where we sit, you are like shining stars. The more stars that shine, the more the light reaches into the darkness and the curtain of illusion reveals its holes. There is now a giant tear in the astral veil. It is coming down.

You are stepping beyond the 4th dimension in your awareness more easily and more often than you were able to during any other period in your history.

The sacred seers, oracles and shaman, the wise women, priestesses, monks and healers – it was even a struggle for them at times to establish contact. This is where the sacred plant medicines were able to assist. The energy is less dense now than ever before. Many of you are freely travelling the higher realms just by dropping into simple meditation. A time is coming when the plant medicines will no longer be needed. You already hold their codes in your DNA from past lifetimes. You already have access to their Wisdom.

It is also far easier for us to reach and communicate with you now. You have done great work in being determined to remember and return to your birthright as divine souls merely having a physical experience.

There are many Star Born among you. My teacher (his words, not mine – and not sure how comfortable I am with that title, but he insisted I use it) Alexandra has been remembering much. She, among others, has evolved through 4 human evolutionary cycles within this one lifetime. She began her present incarnation as an indigo child and has since evolved through crystal consciousness and rainbow consciousness. Her current evolutionary cycle is as a keeper of the diamond flame.
Many of you are now working at this level. Many of you have had to go through the same accelerated evolutionary transitions. That is why things have felt so very difficult at times. That is why you have felt so utterly broken.

For you have been breaking through your own layers of restriction in the form of limited human conditioning, beliefs, social programming and a general lack of knowledge and awareness. But as you raised your consciousness, you have realised you can access the Akash, and all the knowledge is available to you. You are not limited to your physical vessel, nor are you limited to your external reality.

Light is entering your minds. You are being illuminated. Your minds are being illuminated. Your bodies are being illuminated. Your planet is being illuminated. We have come to assist. We are beaming light from our hearts and our consciousness and our dimension into yours. We are sharing of our light. We do this through our love for you. For you are our brothers and sisters and when succeed, the entire multiverse feels the magnificence of your light as it ripples out across the cosmos. It is truly a wonder to behold. Do you have any idea of your magnificence? If only you knew of what you are capable. (Feeling very emotional at this point). Dear ones, you are so very loved.

The Lion’s Gate portal at this time is significant. Another portal has opened completely in its wake – the golden gateway of Orion has now permanently opened. More star souls are arriving on the planet than ever before. The new evolution of souls are of the Diamond Vibration. Pure ones of such love that their incarnation will bring incontrovertible proof of the existence of the stellar tribes – even to the uninitiated. For they will remember from the beginning.

Fears are bound to arise in those who have had no experience of alternate realities or star beings before. Be gentle with them. And do not fear their judgement for in the end your knowledge and your knowing shall be proved right. The images of me that I have gifted to Alexandra are only the start. More evidence is coming. We want to be seen.

For this to happen, the vibration in the space must be high and a source of light available. For we are light-bodied. On your dimensional plane we have no physical vessel or skin such as you. We are ethereal in nature. We travel telepathically via the vibrations of love and via the frequency of light. Depending on the availability of the light we may show ourselves in orbs or, as we have said before, you may spy us in clouds, plants, rock formations – for the vibration of nature is pure love and the elementals of the natural world are our friends.

Call on us and you will receive our assistance. We are here to help. We wish for you to remember your magnificence and to become all that you are capable of.

Open your hearts, beloved ones. We are connecting with you from our hearts now.

Rest awhile in our vibration. When you receive this gift of light, may you feel refreshed.

(He requests that you spend some time in meditation at this point. I am seeing a beautiful deep cosmic indigo-and teal-blue light all around me with sparkling white stars like diamonds within it. The love I am feeling is immense).

Return to love, dear ones. For that is all that is true.

From my heart to yours, in divine service,

Brigon, of the Arcturian Blue Ray xxx

End of transmission.