Precious Wisdom – choosing to live again

Precious Wisdom – Choosing to live again 

I have been feeling it all so much again lately. Who’s with me? 

A client just read a post on Instagram that said we can choose to free ourselves from our remaining blocks. She asked me: ‘how do we free ourselves from our “remaining blocks”?’ 

I felt compelled to comment on this – not as a definitive answer to the question, but just to share my experience of the latest energies… 

Today I had a bit of a breakthrough and this might help to make sense of the choice aspect of that post in our lives and with regard to our emotional reactions. 

Today, I made conscious choice not to be so badly broken again by my circumstances, not to let another loss, another challenge take me to such a dark emotional place where I lose myself in darkness and turmoil yet again. 

Today, I decided to become more of the observer of my experience rather than see it as right or wrong. Why not choose this sooner, you might ask? Quite simply, I couldn’t have got to this place before. Not to this degree. In some ways it’s like a power has suddenly come over me. But I had to be broken down before I was even able to access and activate that power. 

It was underneath many layers of conditioning that had been piled on top of my true self like sediment. I have been chipping away and stripping away at those layers. Like many of us have for what seems like eternity. 

Really I haven’t been ‘getting rid of’ anything – merely acknowledging, integrating, loving and accepting deeper parts of my self, my nature and my own psyche. 

Now I feel I have reached a kind of transcendence. I am not repressing my emotions – I acknowledge they are there and, boy, do I feel them, but I choose not break any further. It’s like I have reached my own internal backstop. I choose not to let myself become overwhelmed by situations in my life. I choose to be with the emotions not engulfed by them. 

I choose to stand in my strength now. I choose to live with joy and peace – even in the midst of turbulence. 

My core is love. At my core there is no more need to fear. 

Perhaps there never were any blocks in the first place. Is it not just our perception which makes them blocks? Perhaps those blocks are really paving stones leading us up the path the heavenly garden. 

But surely the garden is here and now. 

Nothing has changed in my circumstances. I have changed the way I choose to see my circumstances. 

There is a difference between the things I want at a human level and the things I know are meant for me at a soul level. 

I trust my soul. So I’m giving permission for the human to now relax… 



Precious Wisdom – ‘I see the light’

Precious Wisdom – ‘I see the light’

I see energy sometimes like sparkles of light in the air. Wriggling filaments. Tiny electrical worms all moving this way and that. At times they harmonise and move together in a particular directions. Mostly they flow this way and that. Like living glitter. I feel the air electrified with this energy. It is life itself. I breathe it and become it. And I too am sparkling. My particles moving closer together, but connected to these shiny filaments of zinging tinsel that zip through the ether about me. 

The first time I saw it, I was about to turn 30. I was on holiday in Sardinia with my oldest childhood friend. I had just finished reading the final book in the Harry Potter series. Who knew magic was so real it could be visible to the naked eye!? 

I put down the book and gazed absent-mindedly into the sky. That’s when I saw them. The whole sky was lit up like shiny little glow worms in the summer sun. At first I thought it was a trick of the light, that my eyes were tired from reading, or perhaps it was the sun shining off the water in the ocean. But then I felt it too. The magnificent and unmistakable hum of a vibration – my whole body singing and resonating with positive and loving energy.

What a delight to discover these little golden-white filaments of living light. Like magical illuminated jumping beans. 

I am seeing them now as I write this. Lying by the pool in Spain with my husband on our holiday. I ask if he can see them too. He looks at me quizzically: ‘No, dear’ is his response as he rolls his eyes. (The wife is coming out with another of her weird statements again.) 

But I just think to myself: ‘If only he could see what I see!’ If only everyone could see what magic surrounds us in every moment. The whole universe is alive and we are part of it’s liquid-gold lifeblood. 

Every particle, every fibre, every filament, every cell, every atom is constantly vibrating and radiating pure love. It’s just waiting for us to notice. 

Close your eyes. Breathe in the light Can you feel it…? 

1/9/18, Alexandra Wenman


Channelled message from Lord Melchizedek

Channelled message from Lord Melchizedek to the Children of Light (channelled by Alexandra Wenman 31/8/18)


I am Melchizedek and I speak now to all of the beloved children of light. If you are reading this message, then it is meant for you.

Children of light, be brave. Your time is now. A great tide has turned. Those of you who have been locked in shadow will begin to find reprieve. Another great doorway of light has opened. The diamond flame is anchored fully. And while hardship may still prevail as part of the human condition, you will find a sense of equilibrium restored once more within yourselves. 

I speak now to those souls whose purpose it is to seed the planet with light – the wayshowers, the light givers, you know who you are and why you came. 

Illumined children, your tears are not for nothing. Your pain and heartbreak is not meaningless. Your human self has been cracking like a shell. Not merely the shell of your human limitations, but a great shell that has encapsulated this entire realm. Layers and pieces of this false ceiling have been crumbling and shattering as your emotions have swelled and billowed outwards. 

You are forces of light which cannot be held within so small a container! 

And so your glittering souls have burst forth with all the power of your fierce determination and compassion. You have felt more deeply than the ‘human’ condition would have accounted for. But this idea of the ‘human’ condition belongs to a false reality – for the true human condition is divinity itself! 

Dear ones, if only you knew the power of your tears. You have rocked the very status quo. When you open your hearts and cry out for the dear ones of this planet, you cleanse the planet of fear, of hatred, of falsehood, of treachery, of lies. 

Your hearts emit a thunderous roar of such invincible love energy that fear literally dissipates in its wake. A vibration goes out like a sonic boom when the chorus of hearts from the soul workers calls out. 

You are coming together now. You are feeling each other. You are experiencing the emotions of ‘the other’ as your own. Soon you will hear each other and then you will begin to speak telepathically with each other. Some of you are already communicating in this way. And you cannot be lied to. 

Be loving and kind to yourselves when this occurs for the shadow can be tricky. You all have one. Forgive each other for your shadow and your shortcomings. Navigate your way forward through the compass of your heart. 

Some of you will need to separate even from fellow Lightworkers. You are regrouping, dear ones. Specific groups are being aligned and others completing their previous missions. All is well. Hold love in your hearts for those you are bidding farewell to for at soul level you are always connected. 

Your pain at times may feel as though it is cracking you apart. Splitting your very core into pieces. It is. 

You are expanding out of confinement and imprisonment. Like an animal that has grown too large for its cage and breaks free out of sheer necessity for more space, more room, more air, more light… 

Lick your wounds now, sweet ones, and step back and take in the vista that sweeps open before you. A new day has come! Rest a while and breathe in this momentous time. The very foundations of your earthly lives are crumbling. Light pours in. Miracles are headed your way. Hold true to your heart and purpose. Trust. Be unwavering in your faith. 

I am Melchizedek and I speak now to all of the beloved children of light. I extend my humble blessing and dispensation upon you, for the laws which have governed this realm for so long do not apply to you… 

Remember this always: A higher decree of light and mystery accompanies you on your soul mission. Call upon me now to activate it and you will be shown the way… 

Dear ones, remember who you are now. For your time has come. 

And so it is, as it was always written. 

Rest awhile now in the light of the Diamond Flame and let your soul be nourished… 

I am Melchizedek and I am here. 

Swimming with life in 2018


Every year at Christmas time, I am lucky enough to be taken away on holiday by my lovely husband. We live in London so tend to go somewhere long-haul and hot.

And every year on New Year’s Eve, I end up having a ritual swim in the sea, where I wash away all that has gone before and set my intentions for the year to come.

I have set intentions on beaches in Australia, Thailand, Borneo, South America, Vietnam, Mexico, Belize, India… Always, on the day of new year’s eve, without ever planning it, I inevitably end up on a beach somewhere taking that one meaningful dip.

For the past few years, however – although I have still done it – the exercise has felt kind of fruitless. Not altogether pointless, but sort of as though my intentions were being heard and put on hold.

You see, I was processing something really big and very painful, and it was going to take a while for this one to percolate. I couldn’t just wash this away in the sea and hope to start again. Nope. This was also not something I could run from, push aside or get over. I had to go through it.

This year, as I write this, I have just taken my yearly dip in the sea in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

Only, this year, I didn’t ask to release anything. I didn’t set the intention to wash anything away. I have no need to forget or let go. This year, I asked for the grace to flow with whatever comes my way. And as I floated on the waves, letting mother ocean gently rock me, I held gratitude for all that has gone before – all of it. Even the hardest parts. Because all that I have been through has brought me right up the golden shore to where I am today. I am so very much more the person I want to be. And I would not be this me if I hadn’t got to know myself on such a deep level – by diving down into the very depths of my own emotional darkness.

At that moment of realization, I gazed up into the dazzling sunshine and saw a huge sea eagle circling overhead. It was the sign I needed. I knew I had been heard.

All I had to do all along was acknowledge – just acknowledge all I had been through and hold myself in unconditional love and gratitude. To gracefully accept things as they are. And in accepting it I knew I was accepting me. All of me. At long last, I felt resolution. I made peace with all that had served to break me. And I saw that it had actually broken me open to who I am meant to be.

Like a pebble tossed in an endless sea, I feel so grateful, so utterly grateful with how life has shaped me.

What part of your life have you been struggling against? What experiences have you been trying forget or get over? Sometimes, the hardest experiences are the things that end up showing us our true mettle.

So wherever you are this new year’s eve, be kind to yourself, have gratitude and lovingly accept all that has gone before. Then open your heart and wait for whatever comes next, trusting that you have all you need to help you remain buoyant as you roll in the waves.

If you’re wondering what the future holds, you can always ask for a sign.

A butterfly has just taken flight over the ocean…

Happy new year – 2018! ???????

The Higher Galactic Council on expanding your network

Sirian Light Being

Sirian Light Being

Message from the higher galactic councils of light (channelled by Alexandra Wenman, 29/12/17,

Dear ones, we would ask you – we would invite you – to open the aperture of your lens of what you think is possible much, much wider now.

Many of you who call yourselves awakened and who understand higher concepts still fear the opinions of others in relation to what you know.

Why do you think yourselves so small? Why narrow the scope of those you feel you can share your inner or higher knowing with? Why limit the conversation quite so much?

Why not dip a toe in and see if you can talk about ‘the spiritual’ with someone you haven’t yet had the conversation with?

Too afraid they’ll think you are “loony” (Laughter)? What if, instead of that, you see the look of relief on their face that they have met another who knows what they know? Wouldn’t you be relieved to be able to find another to speak freely with?

And then the network grows…

Dip a toe in. Have the beginning of a conversation. See where it goes. Open the door and invite another to share their knowledge.

Tread gently if you must, but know the time has come for you to be alone no longer. The network is growing. The web of light is expanding.

Is it not more silly to maintain the belief that you are alone in this vast universe?

We reveal ourselves only to those who are ready and yet look at how many are now talking about us, how many are Channelling our messages, how many are acknowledging our presence among you…

We invite you to speak freely if you feel so guided. For those of you who open the door to the conversation you may be pleasantly surprised to find that your network of support is about to open wide and indeed.

We are here to support your progress. What is there to fear in a little bit more conversation? It just may lead to a little more positive intent and yet more positive action and then it becomes part of the great wave of change occurring on this planet.

Open your hearts, dear ones, and be inclusive. There are many waiting to find those they can speak freely with, but it takes courage to take the first step.

Take a breath. Dip a toe in… begin the conversation. And then breathe out into the relief of knowing you are understood and trust that you will be guided to the right people to have the conversation with. For now is the time.

And so it is.

In loving service, the Higher Galactic Council of Light