Awake Ones: Discussing Galactic Light Guides

In this episode of Awake Ones we get a little more Galactic. We discuss our connections to the other realms and dimensions and how we can communicate with them using channelling, visions, telepathy etc.


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The star councils of Auriga and Vega on the solar eclipse

The ascended star councils of Auriga and Vega on the solar eclipse (channelled by Alexandra Wenman, 22/8/17)

Dear ones,

Today the sun rises on a new morning for a new timeline has begun.

Humanity has crossed a threshold in time and the light that has returned from the other side of the darkness is truly pure. You have brought yourselves to this place. Your light, your love, your hope has delivered you.

What this means for you is that you are returning in consciousness to your pure state as beings of light momentarily housed in the physical.

Day by day you are waking up and joining with us in your hearts. More and more of you are realising that there is so much more to life than what you previously thought possible.

The recent solar eclipse for many of you has been as the hitting of a reset button.

Let all that has gone before drop away. For the sun rises on a new day.

Think of the eclipse as a doorway into a new reality for you and that is what it shall be.

Walk through this doorway if you wish and know that what awaits you on the other side of the threshold is an opportunity to return to your true state as a being who is one in heart and mind with the Divine.

A new timeline has begun. You are integrating your darkness and rising in light. Welcome in the morning star that you are. Vibrant, pure, delight.

We are with you in love. We are shining our light and it is joining with yours. We sit in ceremony for you now. We hold you in light.

We recognise in you the pure light that you are. We hold this truth in our hearts and we share this with you now via this message so that you may recognise within yourselves the light that we see within you.

Love yourselves dearly, beloveds. As we love you infinitely. It is our dearest wish that you are able to love yourselves and each other in the same way.

We are holding this truth and we have every faith in your light. For the entire universe is depending on you.

Love, pure love – and the recognition and acceptance of that love – is the only way out of darkness. For love is neither dark nor light. It is the all and the everything. When you see this truth and know it, you become as one illuminated.

Meditate daily on love. Send it out to all across the universe. Radiate love from your hearts. Shine your love like the stars.

Beloveds, we are with you. We stand with you. We honour you. And we offer you our deepest gratitude – for you hold the balance of the entire cosmos within your very hearts.

Now do you understand who you are? The time has come to remember…

We are with you in divine love, service and ceremony,
The star councils of Auriga and Vega

End of transmission

(Image by NASA)



Brigon on how to see beyond the veil of fear

Brigon on how to see your galactic guides (channelled by Alexandra Wenman, 14/8/17,


Why can some people see you in the picture from Lourdes while others are unable or unwilling to see?


For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, we will reveal ourselves.

People will ‘see’ according to their level of consciousness.

Those operating too much in their left or logical mind will see only what makes sense to them, or what they can rationally explain to themselves in relation to the world of physical matter.

Those who have opened to their ‘inner sight’ and developed right brain or intuitive senses will be more open and receptive to our presence. It is not only about seeing. You know yourself how you feel in your heart when we connect with you. For we arrive on the frequency of love vibration.

We are not here to raise fear. We do not wish to surprise or shock anyone. We are here in love and service.

We are more actively seeking to reveal ourselves to those who are already awakened to our presence or beginning to awaken and needing confirmation of what they already know.

Dear ones, we are among you. We have always been among you.

And now you shall be among us. Our worlds are merging. It is your awareness that allows it to be so. You are opening the door. You are the key. Your love and your willingness to love is what is opening the way.

For the pure of heart the door to the divine is always open.

For those who remain closed off to their divine nature through fear of judgment or otherwise, they shall not see – for their fear is what keeps them in the dark. Some will choose to be blind to our presence.

When you close your heart out of fear it is as a blindfold to the senses.

But do not pity, judge or undermine those who are not open to our presence. Merely lovingly accept where they are at in their own consciousness. Love and compassion are the only way to help raise the collective mind of humanity.

For a time is coming when more of you shall see than not see. And then the scales of love shall tip.

Feel no need to prove yourselves, dear ones. For those who are ready will step onto the path and venture through the veil when the time is right for them. Indeed, it is happening quickly now for many.

Come back to love. Trust in the light. All is happening as it is written.

In love and devotion,
Brigon the Blue Ray Arcturian



The Higher Galactic Council of light* on ‘Time’

Message from Higher Galactic Council of Light on ‘Time’ (channelled by Alexandra Wenman, 10/8/17)

Dear ones,

A time portal has been activated in your hearts.

In simpler terms, it is as if a doorway out of time is opening up to you. This is to say that time is becoming less relevant and less linear to many of you now.

Time, you see, is an illusion. 

Outside of your idea of this third dimensional reality, there is no time. All is now. All is eternal oneness. All is infinite.

As you begin to acclimatise and align to the time portal, which allows you to experience your eternal oneness – accessed via your heart – you may begin to experience time shifts and time distortions. Time appears to be speeding up, is it not?

You are beginning to step out of time. 

It is only a lack of awareness which prevents access to this all-encompassing self NOW. The portal has always been open, yet it has not appeared open to you as your awareness has been limited by your belief that you are limited.

And so, time is a created notion which appears to slow you down, to experience yourself as imperfect and un-eternal – to make you feel that you are un-whole and that you have yet to strive for that perfection and wholeness. And so time carries on and on, and, at the same time, you feel as if time is running out.

How can you run out of now?

Every moment, every second, every millisecond… is now. You are always in the now. Even the past, when you think of it, is a memory which happened in your now. When you access it in your mind you are accessing it now. Even your future, when you arrive at it, becomes your now.

If you only knew that you have already arrived at wholeness, beloveds.

It is only your belief which makes you experience separation from your true eternal essence. And that essence is pure love consciousness.

Many of you are becoming more aware of your ‘other’ selves.

Your ‘other’ realities. Your ‘other’ lifetimes. Truly, these are not ‘other’ at all, but part of your whole self. For you are eternal oneness. You are pure being-ness. You are love.

We do not exist outside of the eternal and nor do you. Therefore, we are a part of you. And you of we. Can you feel us?

Notice how time begins to bend itself to your will.

Ask for more time, and see how it is freely given when you are in a state of trust. When you rest in the now and understand that all is available to you, time becomes a useful tool for you to play with. Time does not control you for you are Divine.

Understand that you are all and all is now and all is eternal always. 

We understand that this may cause your logical brain to flip. We understand that you may feel confused while trying to logically tap into this message.

Our purpose in speaking of this is to help you step beyond your ‘reasonable’ and ‘logical’ mind and into your eternal  ‘knowing’.

Feel yourself as eternal.

Feel yourself not within the now but ‘as’ the now.

Understand – feel – what it means to be immortal and eternal. Allow this to empower you and to bring you back to equilibrium.

Rest in your eternal hearts, dear ones. For your hearts are pure.

In loving service, the Higher Galactic Council of Light*.

End of transmission.

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‘Ophelia’ Blue Ray Arcturian High Priestess on how to heal Earth

‘Ophelia’ the Blue Ray Arcturian high priestess on how to heal Mother Earth (channelled by Alexandra Wenman 6 and 7/8/17)

For the past two nights I have been visited by a beautiful female blue Arcturian called Ophelia.

She was very tall with a high head, small mouth and very delicate, beautiful features. She was deep blue in colouring and surrounded by blue and white light. She seemed to be dressed in robes of light and she had a headdress made of crystal that circled her brow and had long strands of crystal trailing down either side of her head. As with the other Blue Rays I have seen, she had three fingers on each hand and was very long, thin and elegant.

The first night she came, she invited me to travel with her through a beautiful geometric and flower of life portal into a huge crystalline spaceship. The ship itself appeared to be made of light. It was alive and had its own consciousness.

It was made of crystalline light and was operated by the collective consciousness of the beings aboard. If they wanted to go somewhere or see something they lovingly held the same intention in unison. I was aware of many different beings aboard this ship. There were other races too. I saw Lyrans, Sirians and golden ascended Orions.

On the first night I fell asleep when I got to the ship, but last night Ophelia came and told me she wanted to show me something. When we got to the ship I was taken to the crystalline bridge or control room. She invited me to look out the window and I saw a blue planet of the most exquisite beauty. It was a peaceful planet and many beings co-existed there. It was a planet of high technology. Many spaceships were coming and going. There were no borders and everyone lived in harmony with each other, their planet, all creatures and all visitors were welcome.

I asked Ophelia if this was her planet. She looked at me with so much love and told me that the planet I was gazing upon was Earth in our future. It brought tears to my eyes.

She told me that on the present timeline this exact vision I was seeing would come to pass in about 2,000 years. But she said that she was showing me this because the more of us who hold this vision of earth as a beautiful, harmonious, loving utopia, the sooner it shall come to pass.

She told me the reason I could see Earth in this way is because I was actually driving the ship with my intention in the moment she took me to bridge. I already hold this awakened vision for our planet. And I already see evidence of it every day.

She asked if I wanted to take a closer look. And I was able to zoom in in my consciousness and travel down amongst the people to see how they lived.

Everyone was fully awakened and all their spiritual gifts were open. Fairies, nature spirits and elementals, star beings, inner earth beings, animal, humans – they were all aware of each other and lived side by side in beautiful multidimensional cooperation, but it was more than mere co-existence. It was a celebration of each other, of earth, of life, joy, harmony and love.

Ophelia told me that now I had this knowledge and had this vision clearly held in my heart and mind, I would be rewarded. I would now begin to see more and more harmony and synchronicity in my own life as a result.

And she asked me to share this vision so that others may hold this intention for a utopian, beautiful world in their own hearts, so they too may begin to conceive of it now.

We do not need to wait 2,000 years for this world to become a reality. We can have it now for ourselves and we can also hold the vision for those not yet able to conceive of it themselves.

Our intentions are powerful. Every millisecond, we are co-creating our experiences with our thoughts.

What kind of world do you wish to create? Hold that vision now. Direct your ship’s course for your utopia. Do not wait for someone else to do it for you.

In loving service, Alexandra Wenman and Ophelia the Blue Ray Arcturian High Priestess xxx



The Higher Galactic Council of Light* on the nature of love

The Higher Galactic Council of Light on the nature of love (channelled by Alexandra Wenman, 3/8/17,

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Dear ones,

Your star family is with you.

We come to you as the Higher Galactic Council of Light *. We are a rainbow light brotherhood and sisterhood of collective love consciousness. That is to say, we resonate and communicate on the vibration of love. We are among you. We stand with you at this time. We bring assistance in your hour of need by lovingly supporting you and helping to raise the light quotient of your dimension and your planet. We do this merely by sending love to you and holding love around you with intention.

We do not come to tamper or to intervene unless you have requested help or we have a soul agreement to step in at a certain point in your life. Many of you are members of this council. Many of you have chosen to take on earthly incarnations at this time to bring light to the planet, and to spread your message and vibration of love and hope. You are here to raise the frequency of love. And while love is truly all there is and all there ever will be, many humans have forgotten this and have disconnected from their belief in love. Many believe they are separate from love or that it is somehow out of reach or evading them. It is our wish to help humanity remember that we are all divine. Every beautiful soul is a spark of the great creator energy. You are the very essence of love.

There are two aspects of love in your dimension.

There is the all-permeating divine love that you would call ‘unconditional’ love. There is also compassionate love, that is revealed through the action of being kind and understanding. This is what we term emotive or emotional love.

Unconditional love does not always reveal itself as kind and compassionate. It is pure truth. It can knock you off your pedestal if you are out of touch with it by resisting it in your thoughts and actions. When things appear to be going wrong in your life, it is usually out of the misguided belief that you are somehow lacking in love. In truth this can never be so – for you are made of love.

You can align with the flow of unconditional love by harnessing compassionate love and holding yourselves and each other in loving compassion.

Kindness, compassion and understanding will lead you to the truth that is unconditional love. That, in truth, all is as it should be. The light and the dark are all part of the divine.

Our assistance is of loving support. We offer you our kindness and compassion. We also hold you in our consciousness in your pure state of unconditional love and divine perfection. In holding this vibration for you and seeing you as divine, all that is surplus or blocking your access to your own belief in your divinity is able to be revealed. And then it can be embraced and accepted with love. And then you shall be a transformed human.

The higher aspect of your soul remains unchanged and always divine.

But in your 3D world, change is necessary for your growth. Your dimension is one of duality, after all. The human self must come into alignment with the divine self in order for you to access your divinity and ascend. There is an alchemical process which occurs once you awaken and begin your journey on the path to oneness. As you embrace more love into your hearts, and more light into your shadow or so-called lower self, more of your higher self is revealed.

Many are bringing through Alchemical processes and transmissions at this time to assist in the acceleration of this divine transmutation.     

We will only step in when asked or when pre-arranged, and only then, if it is deemed necessary for your highest growth. Some lessons you are meant to learn on your own. During those times, we are still with you. But we cannot step in as your soul has decided to go through a process as part of your human awakening and re-remembering.

During the most difficult times, we are holding you in our hearts and our attention is unwavering on the divine light that shines within you.

The more you are able to see, feel and acknowledge your own light, the more you are able to see through the illusion that you are somehow imperfect. Healing is not really letting go of anything. It is about loving acceptance and integration of all parts of yourself, including the shadow and the darkness.

Do not fear the dark. Think of it merely as the unknown.

Most of what hides in the dark corners of your mind are your own perceived fears. Yes, there are dark dimensions and shadow beings, but these will only have power over you if you let them. Remember, you are sovereign. You are the creator of your universe. Everything in your reality is a reflection of what is being held within yourself. If lower energies or entities are making themselves known to you, we suggest you heal the fear that arises in you as a result of the experience.

All are being asked to face their karma at this time. There are no real victims or villains.

There are only other souls, other people, who are acting as a mirror into the hidden parts of your own psyche. All outer circumstances and experiences are keys to unlock more doorways and pathways into your innermost self, which is truly divine perfection. Some of these doorways feel easy and pleasant as they awaken positive cellular memory and gifts, and some of them can feel uncomfortable or even terrible as they awaken your own perceived fears, failures, mistakes, traumas and past misgivings.

When you learn that nothing exists outside of the divine, you begin to understand that everything is love.

Everything, without exception, is a blessing. Everything in your life is here to assist in your blossoming. We invite you to bless your life. Bless your self. Bless your burdens and bless your triumphs. Be kind to yourself. Be compassionate. And have compassion for those who still are not able to see their own innate light. Hold the light for those who are as yet unable to hold it for themselves – just as we have been are are doing this for you.

Inside every human being is an innocent child of God.

The one born from the spark of love before any idea of corruption or dilution could be projected or perceived. In your compassion, see the child within everyone. See the pure soul before you see the struggle or the torment. See the divine perfection of all. Hold that light for yourselves and your planet. It is so very simple. Perception is what creates your reality.

Perceive of divine perfection and that is what you shall create in your world. 

Divine ones, we are with you in love and service.
Many are your blessings.
Beautiful are your hearts.
Assured is your return to grace.

The time has come. Remember who you are.

From our hearts to yours, the Higher Galactic Council of Light *

End of Transmission



‘Brigon’ the Arcturian speaks about the Lion’s Gate Portal

I have had another message from Brigon the Blue Ray Arcturian I met in Lourdes, France last week.

He has been with me since that first meeting and I have captured more images – although mainly orbs and cloud formations. When I went through my pictures from the trip, I found his face looking out at me from over people’s shoulders, and in rocks and plants.

I have been followed by an orb of his unmistakable teal blue ever since and caught his face in the orb last night.

This morning, he woke me to write down this message:

Brigon the Blue Ray Arcturian (Channelling by Alexandra Wenman – 7.33am – 2/8/17)

Dear ones,

We have much to say and there is much to be done. The planet is shifting quickly now. More and more hidden truths are being revealed. Pay attention to that which seems ‘off’ to you. Feel into your truth. If something does not feel right, you do not have to accept it. Ask questions, be curious. Follow your hearts.

Many of you are breaking through the astral ceiling at this time. You have been moving through layers and layers of dense karma. At times you have wanted to get off the path and give up. Many have felt the overwhelming urge to return home. We wish to say to you: hold fast! The tides at last are beginning to turn. There is yet more intensity to come as the old world is being dismantled, but evidence of the new world is showing up in your lives. Our decision to show ourselves is offered to you at this time as some of this evidence.

However, many of you will already have gathered your own personal evidence in the form of signs and messages from your guides and soul family, as well as through your intuitive hunches, past life memory and prophetic dreams. Trust what you feel and what you see. There is much more to this human game than you once thought. The false veil – the false ceiling of control – is slipping! It is cracking. So many of you are bursting through it and stepping out of the reincarnation cycle.

This has caused a forward momentum of such a pure love vibration that it is impossible to turn back. The dismantling of the old patriarchy is assured. The priests and priestesses of old have returned and are remembering. They knew us. We had open channels of communication with them as we do with you now – before the age of darkness swept over the planet. But it was a darkness you chose to endure. You had to understand the nature of your own shadow in order to embrace the purest aspect of your light. It is all in the balance.

The time has come for you to integrate the shadow. You cannot run from it and it cannot remain hidden. The shadow is revealing itself. And the only way through it is love. Love is the key. Love is the way. Love everything that is being triggered in you at this time. Love your fears, love your doubts, love yourself more than anything right now. Hold love for your planet and for each other. Be determined in your love.

Many of you are finding it easier to simply let go of your karma. You are now feeling bored of the drama and just letting things be. Allowing what will be to be whilst holding a vibration of love is the path of mastery. We are so very proud and honoured to bear witness to this. Your evolution is a beautiful sight to behold!

We have said before that when your vibration is lifted and you tune into joy and love, from where we sit, you are like shining stars. The more stars that shine, the more the light reaches into the darkness and the curtain of illusion reveals its holes. There is now a giant tear in the astral veil. It is coming down.

You are stepping beyond the 4th dimension in your awareness more easily and more often than you were able to during any other period in your history.

The sacred seers, oracles and shaman, the wise women, priestesses, monks and healers – it was even a struggle for them at times to establish contact. This is where the sacred plant medicines were able to assist. The energy is less dense now than ever before. Many of you are freely travelling the higher realms just by dropping into simple meditation. A time is coming when the plant medicines will no longer be needed. You already hold their codes in your DNA from past lifetimes. You already have access to their Wisdom.

It is also far easier for us to reach and communicate with you now. You have done great work in being determined to remember and return to your birthright as divine souls merely having a physical experience.

There are many Star Born among you. My teacher (his words, not mine – and not sure how comfortable I am with that title, but he insisted I use it) Alexandra has been remembering much. She, among others, has evolved through 4 human evolutionary cycles within this one lifetime. She began her present incarnation as an indigo child and has since evolved through crystal consciousness and rainbow consciousness. Her current evolutionary cycle is as a keeper of the diamond flame.
Many of you are now working at this level. Many of you have had to go through the same accelerated evolutionary transitions. That is why things have felt so very difficult at times. That is why you have felt so utterly broken.

For you have been breaking through your own layers of restriction in the form of limited human conditioning, beliefs, social programming and a general lack of knowledge and awareness. But as you raised your consciousness, you have realised you can access the Akash, and all the knowledge is available to you. You are not limited to your physical vessel, nor are you limited to your external reality.

Light is entering your minds. You are being illuminated. Your minds are being illuminated. Your bodies are being illuminated. Your planet is being illuminated. We have come to assist. We are beaming light from our hearts and our consciousness and our dimension into yours. We are sharing of our light. We do this through our love for you. For you are our brothers and sisters and when succeed, the entire multiverse feels the magnificence of your light as it ripples out across the cosmos. It is truly a wonder to behold. Do you have any idea of your magnificence? If only you knew of what you are capable. (Feeling very emotional at this point). Dear ones, you are so very loved.

The Lion’s Gate portal at this time is significant. Another portal has opened completely in its wake – the golden gateway of Orion has now permanently opened. More star souls are arriving on the planet than ever before. The new evolution of souls are of the Diamond Vibration. Pure ones of such love that their incarnation will bring incontrovertible proof of the existence of the stellar tribes – even to the uninitiated. For they will remember from the beginning.

Fears are bound to arise in those who have had no experience of alternate realities or star beings before. Be gentle with them. And do not fear their judgement for in the end your knowledge and your knowing shall be proved right. The images of me that I have gifted to Alexandra are only the start. More evidence is coming. We want to be seen.

For this to happen, the vibration in the space must be high and a source of light available. For we are light-bodied. On your dimensional plane we have no physical vessel or skin such as you. We are ethereal in nature. We travel telepathically via the vibrations of love and via the frequency of light. Depending on the availability of the light we may show ourselves in orbs or, as we have said before, you may spy us in clouds, plants, rock formations – for the vibration of nature is pure love and the elementals of the natural world are our friends.

Call on us and you will receive our assistance. We are here to help. We wish for you to remember your magnificence and to become all that you are capable of.

Open your hearts, beloved ones. We are connecting with you from our hearts now.

Rest awhile in our vibration. When you receive this gift of light, may you feel refreshed.

(He requests that you spend some time in meditation at this point. I am seeing a beautiful deep cosmic indigo-and teal-blue light all around me with sparkling white stars like diamonds within it. The love I am feeling is immense).

Return to love, dear ones. For that is all that is true.

From my heart to yours, in divine service,

Brigon, of the Arcturian Blue Ray xxx

End of transmission.












Channelled message from Brigon the Blue Ray Arcturian


27/7/17, Channelling from ‘Brigon’ the Blue Ray Arcturian – 3.15pm on way to Foix from Lourdes, France. This message was channelled the day after he physically appeared to me above the statue of Mother Mary in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes…

Dear ones, we want you to see and be seen. Those of you who recognise yourselves as star children and light emissaries are now being shown that it is safe to come out of hiding and share your knowledge. Many more await your wisdom, and the web of truth is opening out and out, the more the great knowledge is shared. The more of you who step bravely and Lovingly on to the path of truth, the more you shine a light on the path for others. Like an airport runway lit at night, you are guiding lights for humanity’s reawakening to love.

We have now begun showing ourselves. For many years now there are those who have been aware of our presence – channels and sensitives who remember a time when your planet was not like this. They remember a time of freedom and love. Of purpose based on the betterment of the all, of sharing in love and allowing for unfoldment of joy and peace.

You are returning to your true state, your pure state, to the truth of who you are. You, dear ones, all of you, without exception are the immaculate conception. Remember who you are. The time has come!

We are now beginning to show ourselves physically because there are enough of you now who are aware of and comfortable in our presence. We do not wish to cause alarm. We have always been with you yet your consciousness was too limited to see or feel us. The veil between dimensions is now lighter than ever. You are being elevated in awareness. You are becoming more light-filled. You are vibrating at a faster rate of frequency. Time is speeding up because you are speeding up! You are quickening and your world – the 3rd dimension – is quickening. Soon you will cross to a 5th dimensional frequency – many of you are already there permanently in your consciousness. This does not mean you will dissolve. It is your consciousness, your mind, your awareness that is elevating. Your bodies remain third dimensional. You are light bodies within human bodies. Divine mind housed in flesh.

It is an uncomfortable process to have all your personal and collective trauma surging to the surface of your awareness, is it not? But it is necessary for this to happen quickly now. You must transform your karma to enter the age of light. Those not yet ready to release and transform their karma and trauma will be leaving the planet. Many are returning to light by leaving their bodies. But all is part of the divine plan. Stay in your hearts. Remain in a state of love and trust that all is as it should be. All is, in fact, as it must be. For the time has come.

Divine ones, we are joining you in light. As you are joining us in light. Our hearts have always been united but now we are reunited in our awareness.

We love you infinitely. We walk with you. We hold you in our hearts. Look for us in the sunlight, in the clouds, in the shadows, in the shapes created by nature, in your mind’s eye… many of you have already seen us but dismissed it as mere fancy. Trust your knowing, trust your hearts, return to love. We are guiding you home.

End of transmission.