The Cygnus collective: release your excess


Precious Wisdom – channelled message from the Cygnus collective

Greetings dear ones,

We come to you as divine beings from the star system Cygnus. Our message is one of purity and hope. We work on a pure white ray that is close in quality to the angelic ray of purity, otherwise known as the ascension flame. We achieved a dispensation of this divine ray long before humanity as you know it walked the earth.

Ours is a message of light. The words we speak are not quite so important as the vibration which accompanies them. But still we impart the following message.

Dear ones, in the coming days (this can be translated into weeks, months and also years as these beings operate outside space/time) it may be necessary for you simplify your lives. All that it surplus to your happiness is beginning to weigh you down. You may begin to feel that the density of this earth plane is increasing and yet it is more true to say that your own vibration is elevating. And that juxtaposition can feel intense. You are rising in light and this can cause your spirit to push against the dense energies here and also to resist the gravitational pull that is keeping you here.

The increase in your vibration is causing a pressure and this pressure is forcing to the surface of your awareness all that is causing you pain, stifling you and holding you back.

Let it come up and out into the light. Whatever it is that is weighing you down cannot be released until it is acknowledged. To be acknowledged it must first be felt. It must be felt to be interpreted and understood. Once you have received the learning, you may release it. But you must be willing to look.

For some, the great surrender will include stuck emotions and limiting beliefs, for others it may be unhappy memories or bad habits. And for others still, it may mean walking away from difficult people or situations. For some, this may be a temporary adjustment and, for others, more final.

You may love some of these people – they may family or even friends. Search your hearts, dear ones, for you cannot hold on to that which has no place in your life any longer. Only that which is true to your soul’s vibration can remain.

Holding on to something when you know it does you no good only proves more painful in the long run. We cannot tell you what needs to be surrendered and what must remain. We can only tell you that your heart holds the key.

Where does your heart constrict in relation to something in your life?

Where does your heart expand?

There you will find the answer.

Humanity is learning how to live in community again. The art of existing in community and networks or communities has been all but lost. You have been coexisting, yes, but you have forgotten how your experience and behavior affects those around you. You need to re-remember how to be in loving communities which support each other through cooperation.

There is a process to this. First, you may wish to decide who your true closest friends and soul family are. Then you may wish to withdraw from all unnecessary relationships and plans – so many of you who are empaths give precious time to relationships that are inauthentic or out of a misguided sense of obligation.

It may be necessary to re-establish your clear boundaries with people. Those of you working as healers could find this more difficult than others, as so many may have become reliant on you.

Now is the time to draw back into your heart-centered relationships and set clear boundaries with anyone who is out to steal your light, rather than acknowledging their own. You do both yourself and them a disservice if you allow this kind of co-dependence to continue. We urge you to do everything you need to with love and from a mindset of love.

Those of you preparing to leave situations will know already of what we speak. It can be a testing time to prepare to step out into the unknown and embark upon a new path, but when you trust your heart and follow your true guidance, the universe will always support you.

Lovingly release anything that is weighing on your spirit, dear ones. Space is being made for a new life to arrive for each of you. But you must make room for that space to enter your life.

Clutter can come in the form of material possessions, emotions, thoughts and feelings, people and situations. We lovingly urge you to take an inventory of your excess. Then release what you need to in order to move forward in love and to elevate your hearts in joy.

We are with you, holding you in this process.

We love you infinitely. The Cygnus collective (channelled by Alexandra Wenman) xxxx

Divine is the new normal

Precious Wisdom – Let’s normalise spirituality

It’s normal to wake up. It’s normal to begin to access your extrasensory gifts. It’s normal to want to break out of the box and shout your truth to the hills. You aren’t going mad. And the days when you might have been locked up or tortured for sharing your gifts are done. It is now safer than ever to be a healer or intuitive on this planet.

In fact, so many people are going through awakenings these days that it almost seems unheard of now that there are still people with fears around these topics.

Yoga and reiki are common words in our everyday vocabulary. Most people you speak to meditate or at least know something about mindfulness. Anyone who’s anyone only eats organic. And who hasn’t heard of Archangel Michael?

The days of the witch trials are over. Our planet is going through a mass awakening and evolution and we are all part of it. As souls, we signed up to be here at this time. We chose to be here on the planet now to assist and bear witness to this great evolutionary shift into the age of light. This is such an exciting time in the history of humankind.

We need to have more transparent conversations about spirituality and mysticism that don’t paint it as woo woo or weird. We need to be matter of fact about this now. We need to support each other and help each other rise together, as the divine feminine rises on our planet.

Empaths, lightworkers and starseeds, haven’t we lived through enough lifetimes of persecution? It’s time we felt safe to open up and share our gifts with the world.

Coming out of the spiritual closet can be a frightening experience. But it doesn’t have to be. There are so many of us talking about consciousness now that you needn’t feel alone. Why not join in the conversation? Come to the party!

Share your gifts. Share your truth without shame. Trust that your vibe will attract your tribe. We have so many amazing free platforms available now through which to share our message. YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are but a few. We now have the ability to self-publish books and broadcast ourselves live on SoundCloud or video feeds.

Don’t wait for someone else to decide you are worthy or qualified. Put yourself out there and let your message, gifts and talents be heard, seen and shared.

Anyone who does not resonate with what you have to say will soon step back. They may even run for the hills. Allow them to retreat with love and make space for your fellow lightworkers to take their place and hold you in their hearts.

As you begin to believe in and honour yourself, the universe will support you.

Become an activist for starseeds’ rights. Stand up for the lightworker. Embrace your inner witch or wizard.

After all, persecution is just so dark ages.

Healing is on the rise again.
Spirituality is hip right now.
‘Alchemy’ is the new buzzword.
Consciousness is cool.
Intuition is everywhere.

Divine is the new normal.

10/5/17, Alexandrawenman.comScreen Shot 2016-03-01 at 14.31.52

Who am I?

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 11.26.29

Here is what I know. I am not who I once thought I was. We are not who we think we are.

We, as a race, may indeed be humans, but we are certainly not limited to this third dimensional reality that we currently find ourselves in.

I know this because, for a very long time during this current lifetime I am living as Alexandra Clare Wenman, I have had experiences of myself as something other than this ‘me’. I have had past life memories resurface as clearly as my ordinary memories. And I have been aware of myself as other people, and other beings, and also been aware of myself occupying other realities, realms, planets and dimensions – all whilst still being aware of and experiencing this current lifetime, reality and dimension. It’s like being in a holographic reality, where all the veils between my lifetimes have dropped away and I can see into the eternity of my soul.

These experiences I have are pretty frequent. They are not mere visions or imaginings, though. They are very real, fully embodied physical experiences, where I find myself so expanded that at the same time I am occupying my physical body, I am also bigger than the universe and experiencing the most profound and loving connection to the entire cosmos you could ever hope to imagine.

Sometimes these experiences even go beyond the cosmos and allow me to feel utterly limitless. I can see, feel, hear, taste, experience and simultaneously know myself as an infinite being-ness. I can touch all of existence and all life. And I am bathed in sheer unadulterated bliss. Words cannot even describe it.

While it may sound pretty ‘out there’, I assure you that, despite these incredible and seemingly unprovable or unexplainable happenings, I am not mentally ill – far from it. In fact, sometimes I am surprised that I haven’t actually gone mad with all I know and have the ability to see. But the truth remains: I am a very ordinary woman, who for some reason just happens to have very extraordinary abilities.

I have experienced this infinite state of being so many countless times now that it has become a way of life and very much part of how I see myself and my identity. I feel the interconnectedness of all things – all beings, all realities, all dimensions – as a part of myself. Sometimes, this has happened in public places – in a cafe, on the tube, in the bath, sitting behind my computer at work…

For a long time now I have not been limited to 3D consciousness and so sometimes I do find it difficult to relate to people who only identify with this limited realm and way of being. Sometimes this has cost me dear friendships. Not everyone is comfortable with what they don’t know or understand. Don’t get me wrong, I am very much involved in the ‘real world’. I love being normal girl and drinking red wine and shoe shopping with the best of them. I know very well how to remain grounded – in fact, it’s more and more necessary to remain connected to the ‘here and now’ as these experiences deepen and progress. But more and more I am meeting others like me, who know they are so much more and who have also tangibly felt and experienced themselves as part of a greater whole, a more expanded consciousness or universal oneness.

I believe we are among the first of our kind to fully wake up and remember who we are, and who we are really meant to be as human beings. I believe we are really a divine, multidimensional and limitless race. We are powerful beings of extraordinary capabilities. We are meant to be co-creators of our own lives and experiences. We have just forgotten. Or, rather, the ability to remember has been taken from us. However this travesty occurred, we have now, for the first time in thousands of years, returned to the ideal conditions on this planet where achieving ‘enlightenment’ is not only possible as part of our daily lives, it is where our entire race is now headed.

We are returning to our divine blueprint.

And, in my experience, that blueprint is quite simply a state of the purest limitless and most exhilarating embodiment of love. We are love embodied. And we are beginning to remember just what that means…

The time has come. Remember who you are…


Channelled message from the angels

What are angels and how can you explain people’s different experiences of you?

Like you, we are multidimensional in nature. Angels exist at every level of creation and so, too, we can appear to you at every level of your being. We are part of you and you have experienced us as such, but, here in this third dimension, we appear as separate guardians of light. Guides to assist you through unconditional love on your path to reunite with your soul’s true calling.

That calling is simply love.

You will experience us and feel our energy differently depending on what level of consciousness you are tuning into and how high your vibration is at the time. Many believe we come from the 5th dimension and some say we are from the 7th. But we are present in every dimension of reality. We are the properties of creation. The Divine archetypes and building blocks your universe is created on. Every cell, molecule and atom has, at some level of its being, an angelic consciousness. For we are the consciousness of love. Each individual angel is a part of the divine whole. So we are like the cells, molecules and atoms of God. The elements that come together to make the whole. You are part of this. Every one of you has angelic qualities. As each one of you is just as divine as the next. Some of you have just forgotten this. And we are making ourselves known at this time to help you remember.

When people first encounter us, they need to believe we are something separate from them as they are in the frame of mind that they are searching for something or someone to help or rescue them. They don’t believe in their own inner divine power and so they call on us to assist. At first, they may ask for help with little everyday things, but as they learn to work with our energies they discover there is so much more to the world and who they really are. We are here to help you discover that what you think you want may not be what you really want at the highest level of your being.

We are like a ladder. We help you on your path by providing necessary steps back the divine.

The stairway to heaven is really just a stairway in your own consciousness and we angels are the fabric that makes up each step.

We are the building blocks of creation. We are like the individual facets that make up the infinite diamond of your divine soul and spirit. Every aspect of your divinity that you connect with, every step you take, every lesson you learn is part of the divine whole, drawing you closer and closer to divine oneness – to the truth of your divinity.

Each of you is a shimmering diamond of divine love, light and potential.

We are here to lovingly assist you in fulfilling the deepest and most magnificent potential you hold within you.

We are the light codes and filaments within your very cells. And yet we are also beings of pure light who surround your physical being and world. We are internal and external. We are within and without. Like the universe, all is above and below. All is within and without. We are you and yet we surround you as separate beings. It is one and the same thing.

If you feel overwhelmed with this information or with any spiritual concept, just remember that all is love.

All comes back to love. Love is the answer.

Live a life of love for self first and the rest will fall into line. All that is not aligned with your purpose and path will begin to drop away. Let it go with love. Do not struggle against love. Allow yourself to flow with love. Go into free fall. Stop fighting against the tide for the tide is turning and love is on the rise. The more you struggle and fight, the tougher will be the ride. Let love hold you and guide you.

To allow this, you must follow the calling of your heart instead of what your logic or head dictates. Love moves you beyond the confines of the rational mind and into your limitless emotional intelligence. Here is where you will find your truth.

Many changes are afoot on this planet right now.

We angels are on the rise because the level of love on this planet and the vibration of your hearts is on the rise.

We have not appeared out of nowhere. There are not more of us than there used to be – we are infinite. We always were and always will be. You were just not so willing or able to see us before.

As more light penetrates the dark corners of your shadow, your angelic and divine qualities will rise and rise and you shall know us. Within and without. We are within you and we surround you. We are the manifestation of your love, and the essence of your creation.

If you love the angels then surely you must love yourselves.

Divine ones, you are truly blessed – for you are built on love and nothing you could ever say, do, think or feel will ever change that. Our increased presence in your awareness is proof that the world is rising in love. There is no turning back from this process. This is the evolution of your race, the expansion of your soul, the illumination of your light, the elevation of your grace and the ascension of your planet.

At your core is love.

Love is the balance. Love is the key. Love is the pivotal point. Come back to love in every moment. Return to love. Remember love. Breathe love. See love. Spread love. Feel love. Choose love. Share love. Live love.

Come home to love.

In devotion and adoration,
Your angels xxxx

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 11.26.01

Poem: Falling awake

Have you ever fallen apart?

Come right apart

At the seams

And then

When you feel

You can’t come apart


You go ahead

And fall apart

Some more?

We are being broken

Our souls cannot stand

To be contained anymore

We are falling open

Surrendering the last vestiges

Of this grand illusion

We are awakening

From the delusion

And does it ever cause confusion!?

But it is also

A revolution


Death and dreaming…

We are all part of a vast, limitless, Divine consciousness.

When you go to sleep, you are really waking up.

When you die, you are really being born into the spirit realm and back to your true state of being, which is pure love consciousness.

Meditation is a doorway into this truth.

You never left paradise. You are just asleep and having a dream of limitation. Some of you are dreaming of hell. But heaven is here for the taking. As the shaman say: ‘We never left the garden.’ We are all now going through a process of waking up from this great dream of 3D reality. Those who cannot handle the energies are leaving the planet – have you noticed how many celebrities have died in the past two years? These are just the people we know about. Many more have passed too.

If you are still here, then it is an exciting time indeed as you get to be part of the mass awakening and evolution of our species….


Don’t be afraid of your own shadow

Message from the Higher Galactic Council of Light, 29/6/16

Dear ones,

We wish to acknowledge the level of shadow arising for each of you at this moment. There is a lot of fear and doubt on Earth and it may appear at times to be overwhelming. We wish to reassure you that there is nothing to fear. What is happening is a necessary coming to light of what was hidden so that it can be transmuted, cleared and healed.

Each one of you reading this signed up to be here on this planet at this time and for this exact reason. You are part of the ‘Great Change’ and the ‘Great Time’ that has been prophesied throughout the ages. Your presence is needed – your light is needed.

A large proportion of what is being brought to light is the nature of duality in this reality. You may have noticed that things are becoming unsettled even within the very relationships you thought to be loving and authentic. This is also happening within the lightworker community and here is where it feels especially painful as you expect each other to be all about ‘love and light.’

Many of you are experiencing long-held friendships dropping away or misunderstandings arising seemingly out of nowhere and based on nothing. This is because any imbalances are being brought to light to be healed. Because of the nature of duality, many empaths have the mistaken notion that they need to put others’ needs before their own and so they become imbalanced in their energy as they are giving out too much and not standing in their power. On the flip side, many of you have also become too dazzled by your own self-importance and are identifying too much with your position as ‘healer’ or ‘lightworker’.

There is no room for jealousy or competition in the work you came here to do. Each of you is Divine. Each of you is unique and special. There is no shortage of people who need your abilities and gifts at this time, so do not fall into the trap of thinking you have to be the best ‘angel healer’ or ‘channel’ or ‘coach’ in order to get the most clients. The people who need your particular set of gifts will find you. Trust in the abundant flow of the universe. As more people begin to gain awareness of their natural intuitive abilities, more healers will indeed step into this role. This is an inevitable part of the evolutionary process. You do not need to ‘out-spiritualise’ anyone. This false notion of competition is now being squeezed out. As more light fills this planet, more shadow will indeed ‘come to light’.

Do not take anything personally, but rather stand in your own power. Those who have previously taken on the role of the underdog are now finding their inner warrior. Those who have run away with their own power, success and status are being shown true humility.

Support each other – even if only energetically. Hold each other in your hearts and view the process from a higher perspective and through the eyes of unconditional love for your brothers and sisters. If a relationship needs to drop away, let it go with grace and love.

This is happening planet-wide. Look at the situation with the EU – out of the blue, a long-standing relationship has ended. This is because this relationship was not fully functioning from a place of true integrity. Inconsistencies will now begin to come to light in the news about why this had to happen. Other countries will follow suit and it will be the beginning of necessary change in the way this whole planet is being run.

Notice how individuals have been quibbling over who voted to leave or remain. This was part of the plan by those in charge – to divide the people through fear. But they did not receive the outcome they had hoped for, which was to frighten you into thinking you need to be herded together like cattle.

Yes, it’s true, that borders will one day become a thing of the past and your planet is heading towards greater unity and a global community mindset. But, as a collective, you are not yet at the right level of consciousness and your governments and so-called ‘leaders’ are certainly not operating from the right level of consciousness at this current time. They are still operating from the mindset of fear and control.

For change to occur, the old must first collapse and drop away. Space is being made for a new age to dawn upon this Earth. This is an evolutionary process, which will play out in all facets of your society, on an individual level and a global scale.

Choose to see all of this from a higher, loving perspective. Do not buy into fear. Know that all that is occurring is a necessary part of the Divine plan. Trust that you are safe and have all the support you need. Draw on your own inner strength and guidance – there is no better source of wisdom, save your own inner truth.

We are always here for you and we are watching Earth with keen interest.

In love and service,

The Higher Galactic Council and Galactic Federations of Light.


The gift of a graceful transition – a personal account of healing into death


Earlier this year I was approached by a client who asked if I would be willing to perform healing on her brother, who was in a coma in an Intensive Care unit. His blood had been poisoned by an aggressive strain of strep bacteria, and his condition had rapidly deteriorated. She first made an appointment to come and see me in person and by the time she got to me for her session, her family had already been informed that he might not make it, so it was immediately evident that I was her last hope for a ‘miracle healing’. I gently explained to her that any healing I did would be performed by the angels from the Divine perspective and so my intention was for the highest and best healing to be delivered without any human hopes or fears getting in the way. I would simply be there to hold the space for whatever needed to take place.

The angels totally supported me in that intention. Sometimes, as humans, it can be difficult to let go of the need to know whether a certain outcome will unfold. Especially when someone’s life is at stake. We so desperately want to offer hope or give good news, but I knew in that moment that it was absolutely vital that I stay neutral and grounded in a space of total unconditional love and surrender to the angels. I felt my client relax as I explained all this to her. It’s as if she too had been given permission to let go of the need to control anything. And I knew that she understood completely that it wasn’t her – or my – responsibility to ‘save’ her brother.

As I began my client’s healing session, I was also guided to send distance healing to her brother in hospital and, at that point, my mind went totally blank and I found I was very easily able to let go and not try to see what was happening. In fact it was one of the easiest sessions I have ever done. The angels allowed me to mentally step back and simply allow the healing unfold as it would. I felt utterly held and supported, and I trusted that the absolute Divine and perfect outcome for all would unfold.

The next day, my client phoned to ask if I would come to the Intensive Care Unit to perform healing in person for her brother. My only other experience of performing a healing of this kind was when my grandmother passed over a few years ago. She has since visited me in meditation and explained that she is now a ‘spiritual midwife’ and helps souls transition from the other side.

I asked the family to gather round and again explained that we were simply holding the space for the most Divinely perfect healing to unfold. I invited all of the family members to place their hands lightly on his body and I observed the angels merging with every person in the room. In that moment, I felt my grandmother’s loving energy behind me and I knew she was also helping to hold the space. Yet, even knowing of her role in spirit, I didn’t jump to any conclusions about the outcome of this healing. I simply let go and I just felt so much love – love for the soul of this man lying unconscious before me, love for his family who had so graciously invited me to assist in their time of great need, and who had offered such an open-hearted and kind welcome – even despite their palpable grief. I totally and utterly surrendered to unconditional love. Again, my mind went blank. But I will never forget the feeling that came over me in that moment.

Something changed in me that day. I never thought I would be able to describe death as a beautiful thing, but I really feel that, as the soul of this man passed over, he gave me a great gift. In that moment, a kind of purity emerged from within me and I can’t help but think that perhaps an outworn part of me also chose to transition at that time. I wonder if perhaps he, too, helped to hold the space for me. In any case, I will never look at life the same way again.

As I left the hospital, I still didn’t know what the outcome would be for that man, but the world around me looked different. Colours appeared brighter and I could see light shining from the eyes of every person I passed. It was like I could see the very light of their soul radiating from within.

I learned a few days later that he had passed shortly after the healing and his sister thanked me, not only for helping her brother to transition smoothly, but also for helping the family to be able to more easily accept and come to terms with his passing. She said the healing had made a huge difference for all of them. I was also told that, as the angels had merged with them, some of the family members, including his mother, were able to feel their energy and a tingling sensation in their fingertips. I’m so very grateful I was given the opportunity to be of service in this way.

So many people fear death. We’re almost taught to fear death from the moment we incarnate into this reality. But that day, I really learned that there is nothing to fear. The love I felt in that room was immense. And as a result of this experience, I truly found something extraordinary.

I found grace.


I want to share two poems I wrote which were inspired by this experience…


‘Grace’ by Alexandra Wenman

People’s eyes look different

It’s as if they are aglow

Like I can now see something

That before I didn’t know


When I look in the mirror

I can tell my face has changed

Not sure how to explain it

But I know I’m not the same


It’s like a light came on in me

That I cannot turn off

So now I am remembering

All the things that I forgot


Like the world is filled with wonder

If you only dare to see

And there really is no difference

Between you and me


‘Visiting’ by Alexandra Wenman

 These are not my hands

This is not my skin

This is just a vehicle

I am travelling in


This is not my name

Though it’s what you know me by

I am not the same

Since I opened up my eyes


This is not my world

I’m just visiting here

I came to learn and teach

About how love conquers fear


I will leave this place

As soon as it’s my time

But one thing I know for sure

Is that I will never die…

A light in the darkness


Photograph by Alicia Wenman

Sometimes, even after all you’ve learned, and all the healing, meditation and manifestation techniques you’ve acquired, you find you’re still stuck or still struggling.

‘Why is this happening?’ You think. ‘Why are my old tools and tricks not having any effect this time?’

You feel like you’re treading water or just floundering about in a sea of emotions. You feel utterly weak and vulnerable, but your old way of being doesn’t fit who you are any more. So you can’t go back. You can only move forward, but you have no idea how to do even begin doing that right now.

It’s like you’re in a fortress of your own emotions, but you can’t break out. Your feelings are holding you hostage and you are out of options. You don’t know which way to turn or how to free yourself from this situation because you’re not even sure what’s causing this internal turmoil in the first place. Sure, life’s been a bit tough lately. But how you’re feeling doesn’t equate to what’s going on in your everyday reality.

How you’re feeling is overwhelmed. You are out of options. You want the ground to swallow you up. You want to vanish from the world, hide away, stay in bed, not face the day, run.

But there is nowhere to run or hide because you know deep down that this turmoil isn’t an external event. Nor has the turmoil necessarily been the result of any physical situation or event that you can put your finger on. The turmoil is happening inside of you. So what on Earth can you do to alleviate this situation?

The simple answer is surrender.

Let yourself drop into a gentle freefall, open up to trusting your higher mind and the universe, and just allow the process to happen.

Fighting it is futile. Because what is going on a shedding process. You are breaking free of all the restrictions and expectations that life and society has placed upon you since childhood and throughout all your lifetimes.

It’s like you are being pushed through an energetic sieve, so all the parts of your personality, your being, your ego / human ‘self’ that aren’t serving you are quickly dropping away. With it, much of your need for material possessions, old outworn habits and even some previously close relationships are now having to be released.

You feel like you have nothing to hold on to. No life raft. No stable ground beneath your feet to hold you. You feel like you are being broken apart. That is because you are.

The key to getting through this is love.

Love yourself without abandon and learn to nurture and nourish your own heart. Be kind and gentle to you during this process. For you are learning to love and forgive yourself at a very deep level. There is no longer any room for any negative self-talk or self-doubt. Holding on to feelings of unfounded guilt or shame is just too painful now so you have to let go of it. You have been forced into a metaphorical corner.

But cowering in that dark corner, you have no choice but to turn your attention within. You have to look inside yourself for answers and, most importantly of all, for support.

People talk about how being cracked apart helps you let in more light. But the simple truth is that you had the light inside of you all the time.

You just weren’t looking in the right direction.

So often we look to external people or circumstances to ‘save us’. We wait for the right partner to bring us love, we wait for the right job before we can feel ‘accomplished’ or ‘fulfilled’ and we wait for other people’s opinions before we feel we have ‘approval’.

Not any more.

Now is the time to believe in yourself. Now is the time to love who you are and to give yourself all the approval you need. No one else is going to rescue you. No cavalry is coming to save the day. You’re it.

You are your own saviour. You are the one you need – and you need you right now!

Time to turn on the light of your own inner power and look to your Divine / higher self to lead you from the darkness – away from the pain, the loss and the discomfort back in to the light of peace, joy, bliss and, most importantly, of love.

It is all inside of you. You just need to unlock it.

Love is the key.


Precious Wisdom™ is a new form of ‘healing alchemy’ that can help find your inner light and personal power, while supporting you during this process.

What is Precious Wisdom™ Healing Alchemy?

Precious Wisdom™ is a healing technique, which awakens you to true empowerment through the process of ‘spiritual alchemy’. This healing system has been channelled by Alexandra Wenman since 2012 with the help of Archangel Metatron and Lord Melchizedek, and uses universal golden energy and ancient symbols to align you with your Divine self and help you rapidly step into your own personal power.

What happens during a treatment?

The treatment can be delivered in two ways: 1) as a guided journey and energetic transmission via Skype or 2) a little like Reiki, with the client lying on a therapy couch or sitting in a chair while the energy is delivered via the healer gently placing their hands on or over the client.

After a session…

You will feel stronger, more confident, centred and aligned. You can experience increased energy and a brighter outlook on life. Many clients have also reported feeling much more empowered and issues they have previously struggled with no longer seem to affect them in the same way.