I wrote a song for my wedding

Putting my poetry to music is something I have wanted to do for years and I finally had the chance in October last year. I wrote a song for my husband and sang it at our wedding on the magical island of Ibiza. It felt like a long-held dream coming true.

I was a little rusty and kinda nervous, and it was also a miracle I didn’t bawl my guts out – especially considering everyone else did – but I am so glad I did it! And I think my hubby Tony was pretty pleased as well.

The whole day was so blessed and magical. We honoured the four cardinal directions and had a mixture of different ceremonies, including Native American, Jewish and Celtic traditions, a pagan hand-fasting and, of course, an angel blessing. And I couldn’t forget to include a nod to our celestial friends by creating table centres depicting all of my favourite star constellations.

It was my intention that our wedding be more than just a celebration of our love, but a celebration of love in all its forms, and I wanted to spread that love across our whole planet. So, as we’ve just had Valentine’s Day, I wanted to sprinkle that love far and wide even more…

Here’s to love in all its forms!

Loads of love,

Alexandra xxx

‘My Everything’
Lyrics by Alexandra Wenman
Music by Kath Haling
Performed by Alexandra Wenman (Vocals) and Claire Wakeman (Guitar)

Photos by This Modern Love Photography
Video by Jake Westwood
Hair and Make-up: Shillito Sisters
Dress: Claire Pettibone at Blackburn Bridal
Shoes: Oscar Tiye
Venue: La Escollera, Ibiza


Tree of Life meditation: grounding, cleansing and protection

TreeClose your eyes and centre your awareness in your heart.

Begin to take some slow deep breaths and set the intention that you are breathing in love and light.

As you breathe out, you are letting go of all your cares, worries, doubts and fears. Breathing out anything that isn’t serving you at this time.

Letting go and relaxing into deep levels of love.

Filling yourself up with more and more light.

Picture yourself in a brilliant pillar of pure light. This light is coming from infinite source above your head and flowing all the way down into the very core of mother earth.

As you are filled with light, you begin to radiate light all around you, so that the light coming in is amplified within your heart and sent out as a vibration to every living being in creation.

Become acutely aware of your physical body. Focus on the sensations that your physical body is feeling in this moment.

Feel the weight of your body on the chair, the bed or the floor where you sit or lay during this meditation.

Feel the sensation of the clothing against your skin, the temperature of the air around you.

Imagine you can feel a tingling sensation in the tips of your toes and your fingertips, as your vibration begins to raise.

Become aware of the sole of your feet, and imagine that you are growing roots, like the roots of a tree, out of the bottom of the soles of your feet.

Imagine these roots are growing down into the earth. Through the grass and past the rocks into the soil, the minerals beneath the surface of the earth. Smell the fresh soil and the moisture of the earth as your roots delve even deeper down.

Past the rubies, the diamonds, the gold and silver and all the treasures contains within the earth.

Down into the earth’s crust and bursting through into the molten lava at the core of the earth. Feel the intense warmth at the centre of the earth.

Imagine a crystal cave in the very heart of the earth and extend your roots now into that cave, wrapping your roots around the beautiful diamond representing the heart of mother earth.

Feel a warm, golden honey light travelling up through those roots now, into your feet, your calves, your shins, up and over your knees, the back of the knees, up into the thighs and hamstrings.

Feel this honey golden light washing up into and over your hips, buttocks, pelvis, and into your sacral area.

Travelling up into your abdomen, lower back, your waist, upper body, chest, flowing your heart with a delicious golden warmth.

Feel the golden warmth now spreading over your whole chest area, up into your shoulder, down your arms and spreading into your fingertips.

Feel it flowing up your neck, your throat, your jaw – relaxing all of your muscles – as it flows into your face, over the back of your head, filling your entire face and head all the way up to your crown.

As your whole body is now immersed in this golden liquid honey light. So warm and delicious. So nurturing and comforting. So loving and calm.

Feel the golden light now completely mixing and integrating with the pure light coming in from above, so you are now fully enveloped in a beautiful pillar of golden-white energy, with those roots stilled wrapped around the crystal at the centre of the earth.

Feel your heart begin to beat in time with the primal heartbeat of the earth mother.

With every primal heartbeat, pulses of light are being sent up through your roots and into your body. Feel this light flowing in waves up your body and when it reaches the top of the crown of your head, feel it flow up and out like the branches of a tree.

Imagine your body is the trunk of the tree and extend your branches of light ever upwards in your mind’s eye.

Feel, sense or imagine these branches growing up into infinity until they touch the light of God / Source / the Divine.

As your branches connect with the pure light of the Divine, light travels down your branches and into your body.

Down through the crown of your head, washing over your face, the back of your head, your neck and throat. Washing over your shoulders, down your arms and into your fingertips.

The pure light of Source is spreading out over your chest and flowing into your heart where, again, the golden light from mother earth mixes and integrates with the pure light from Source. With every breath, your heart is opening and expanding more and more.

Breather the light from source down even further into your body. Let it wash down ver and through your ribs, upper back, down over your waist, your lower back , abdomen, pelvis, hips and buttock.

Flowing down into your thighs, hamstrings, knees, calves, shins, and right down into your feet to the very tips of your toes.

Feel yourself now as this glorious tree of golden-white light – representing the tree of life!

Feel your roots connected into mother earth and your branches stretching up to source.

Feel your connection to everything in existence. Feel grounded and protected in this light. This is your light. This is your Divine self.

Imagine now that you are walking in a beautiful woodland. You are surrounded by all the creature and animals of the earth. And all the magical creatures have come to join you – fairies flit around you, unicorns walk beside you.

Through the dappled light piercing through the foliage, you spy a huge ancient tree. It is growing in a clearing and around its base is a circle of flowers.

You ask the wise and ancient tree’s permission to enter the sacred circle and the tree invites you to place your hand upon its trunk and feel the rough surface of it’s bark.

You can feel sparks of light being showered over you from the tree and it telepathically invites you to wrap your arms around its trunk.

As you allow yourself to embrace the wise tree in a full hug, you breathe in the smell of its freshness and you feel your lungs filling with fresh oxygen.

You feel revived and renewed on all levels.

You turn and sit within the circle of blossoms at tree’s base, with your back resting against its trunk.

In the cool shade of the tree, you feel anchored and grounded as you tune into the sounds and sensations of the forest. You can hear birdsong, the rustle of the leaves and you can feel the cool breeze against your cheek as the warm sun beats down upon your brow and warms your shoulders.

Spend a moment in the forest, connecting to nature, as insects whip past your ears, and animals graze nearby. After a moment, you doze off…

[Allow 3-5 mins here for the participants to go deeply into the experience]

As slowly you begin to rows from sleep, you become aware that you are back in the room where you began this meditation and you start to connect back with the sensations that your physical body is giving you in this moment.

Taking a few deep breaths, draw your roots back up into your feet from the centre of the earth. And you draw your branches back in towards you from source. Finding yourself again in a pillar of light, letting go of the image of you as the tree and connecting to yourself as a human being once again.

You now become more and more aware of the shape of your physical body, the weight of your body, the pressure of your body as it sits or lies as you do in this meditation.

You feel the clothes against your skin, the air of the room around you, and allow these sensations to bring you all the way back into the now moment.

Centre your awareness in your heart space and allow your awareness to expand and become body-shaped once again.

Open your eyes when you are ready.

Channelled message from the Elohim angels

Channelled by Alexandra Wenman©, 9.30am, 17/2/16, alexandrawenman.com


Seven mighty Elohim surround you

Seven facets of divine creation
Seven building blocks of light
Seven joined in emanation
The seven of God’s holy might

We are tall,
We are white
Ancient forms of
purity and light
Piercing through
the dark of night

Our hands above your crown
Our wings about your heart
Our light within your mind
Create! It’s time to start

As an orchestra of strings
through the core
of your heart…

Channelled message from the Seven Elohim

We come at a time of great need to intervene for you.

What is it you are waiting for? Begin your journey! Your heart holds all the answers you seek and the world is waiting for your message. You have gifts you need to share like secret pearls hidden within a shell. Call upon us and will help you crack open that hard shell that you have kept around you like some form of protection. Only this shell is no protection you need. It is merely the limiting shell of your fears and doubts, your limiting patterns, programmes and beliefs.

Break out of that limiting space! Crack open that shell. Release your fears and fly into the light. Spread your wings into the glorious sunshine of a new dawn and take flight!

We understand that there are many lifetimes of this fear that you have accumulated. And so your layers of protection resemble the layers of sediment on an oyster shell. Layer by layer as you consciously let in more light, more love and the more you listen to the calling of your truth and the song of your heart, you will begin shedding these layers.

All you need do is set the intention that you are ready to let go of all that has been holding you back. It is that simple!

Ask for our assistance and the assistance of the angels and councils of light and we will bring more light into your body, mind, heart and soul.

Just think it to begin it.

Will it to be so and then just let go…

Everyone on this planet will have to go through this great shedding as there is too much light now to sustain the deep levels of fear that have bound this paradigm and this reality together. This way of being is now outdated. The cracks are showing!

Set your sights on the light.

As much as you can, visualise yourself enveloped in pure light. Breathe it in. Take it into your heart. Open your heart like a blossoming flower of light. Light coming in from infinite source above and mother earth below and flowing into and out of your heart with each breath. The pure light of love.

As you receive it, so shall you give it and the more you give, the more you shall receive. This is the key to breaking down your outdated layers of fear, limiting beliefs, unbalanced ego and the illusion of protection.

When you stand in the pure light of love, you shall need no protection. For love is all you will be and so love is all you will see and experience.

We are standing around you in a circle – the seven mighty Elohim who surround the thrown of Grace. We are bringing the pure light of God in through your crown chakra. Illuminating your mind and all of your your unique gifts. We are switching on the lightbulb in the dark room of your doubts so that you can more clearly see who you are and what you are meant to be.

In truth, you can never really stray from your path, but you must consciously intend to stay on it for it to flow. You can choose to exercise your free will and act against it, but this will only make the process feel more difficult for you and then your guides and angels will have to intervene to bring you back on track. This can be painful as you try so hard to hold on to that which is not serving you, but which creates an illusion of comfort and safety. You feel you need to cling to the material as, up to now, you think that is all you know. But the sense of freedom you will have will be far more liberating, supportive and comforting if you only learn to let go.

The best course of action is to surrender to the light. Devote your life to the light and let go of any ideas you have as to how that will play out in your earthly reality. Your higher self has it all in hand, so relax into the light and let your focus be on the now moment. And, in every now moment, set the intention to give and receive vaster and vaster quantities of light.

Live in light.

That is truly all we ask. It is so simple. That is the way of the heart. And that is the key to en-‘light’-enment.

We are the creators of form. We wish to co-create heaven on earth with you, and for you. Step into the light and be unafraid – for heaven is your birthright and we are assisting you always.

With love and grace, the Seven Mighty Elohim xxx

Know your limits: 10 tips for how healers and therapists can maintain healthy boundaries

Know your limits

Angelic Soul Coach and Cosmic Alchemist Alexandra Wenman shares her top 10 tips for how healers and therapists can maintain healthy boundaries and why it’s so important for both ourselves and our clients

Having worked as an angel healer, channel and holistic therapist since 2008, these are just a few of the important things I have learnt along the way about protecting my space, and honouring both myself and my clients. Each of these tips has really helped me keep my own energy levels high, allowed me to stay grounded and centred, and ensured that I am giving my clients the highest level of divine service I am capable of when they come to me for a session or workshop.

These are just suggestions, and you can add to this list or omit where necessary, but the idea is that you make sure that you are taking care of yourself and your own needs as well as those of your recipients. It’s very easy for us, as healers, to give out so much of our own energy and I know I have, at times, experienced periods of total overwhelm and exhaustion as a result. I’ve learnt one too many very tough lessons in having safe and healthy boundaries and so I felt I would share my personal checklist in case it can help you, too.

1) Love yourself
Self-love must come first. If we aren’t treating ourselves with love and respect, how can we do the same for our clients? The more love and compassion you can give to yourself, the more you will have to share. You are far more effective as a healer when your energy levels are at optimum. Putting yourself and your needs first isn’t selfish, it’s necessary. So be kind to you.

2) It’s OK to say ‘no’.
You don’t always say ‘yes’ to children – sometimes it’s in their highest interest for you to say ‘no’ with compassion. Equally, when you aren’t constantly on hand to help or give advice, it can actually empower the other person to find the answers within themselves. We aren’t here to rescue people and having that expectation put on you can be very draining. Say no with love when you feel you need to, speak your truth, and I guarantee the other person will thank you for it. If they don’t, perhaps it is a lesson they still need to learn. Either way, you are doing both them and yourself a disservice if you say yes when you really want to say no. Likewise, if you feel that you aren’t the right healer for someone, don’t be afraid to refer them on to someone you think may be better suited to their needs.

3) We aren’t here to ‘fix’ people
A healer is not here to wave a magic wand and make people’s problems just go away. We are merely facilitators to help others take responsibility for their own healing journey. Don’t let people put unrealistic expectations on you and be clear from the start that you are here to help them tap into their own inner power so they can heal themselves.

4) Surrender the outcome
When we hold on to the expectation of an outcome, we can often block the solution or the miracle from appearing in our lives, or the lives of our clients. Surrender the outcome to the divine for the highest possible outcome to manifest. This way, you are releasing any stress or expectation from yourself and opening the way for deeper healing on all levels.

5) Value yourself and your work
Be honest about your own needs when setting your prices and make sure you are valuing the work you do and who you are. Volunteer work is excellent, but not if you are giving away everything for free and not able to support yourself financially. If you struggle with charging money for spiritual work, perhaps thinking about seeing a therapist who specialises in clearing limiting beliefs and contracts might help. Many lightworkers have made oaths and vows of poverty or been persecuted in past lifetimes, so it’s important to clear those issues so you can move forward with grace and ease and do the work you came here to do.

6) Honour your own time
Have set working hours and don’t allow people to phone or text you for advice or help outside of those hours or outside of session times. If you must take calls outside of session times, perhaps have a 10min limit so the person isn’t keeping you on the phone for hours and effectively getting a free session out of you. Likewise, don’t be afraid to cut the call short and ask them to book a session if they would like more help on the topic. As empaths who want to help, it can be difficult for us to do this, but ultimately it will be far healthier for both of you and your client will respect you for it. Likewise, if someone is lingering too long after a session and won’t leave within the agreed time limit, do not be afraid to inform them that you will have to charge them more if they want to extend the session. Your time is valuable and, again, it’s healthier for both of you if you aren’t being drained energetically. Again, this is not selfish. You would’t ask your lawyer or accountant for a free appointment, would you?

7) Healer heal thyself
Take responsibility for your own healing journey. The more clear your own channel, the better able you are to help others keep theirs clear. Have regular healing sessions or do swaps with other therapists so there is an equal exchange of energy as well. When you are feeling fresh and clear, you will enjoy helping others more, too.

8) We aren’t gurus
We are not here to disempower others by telling them what to do or how to live. We are merely here as examples and facilitators to help others awaken and find their own true path and calling. Empower others to empower themselves and see everyone as an equal. We are all at the right place on our path, so, likewise, don’t judge others if they are not as spiritually ‘advanced’ as you think yourself to be. We are never going to know it all in this lifetime, so keep your sense of wonder and understand that you are still learning too.

9) Don’t slip into co-dependence
In my own experience, I have often been tempted to call upon my skills as a healer / therapist when trying to help my friends or family members. One particular friend I had known since childhood became quite fixated on me and decided that I was going to be her rescuer. Ever the empath, I just wanted to help and threw myself into that very role. But it soon became apparent that she had no desire to actually heal herself and was trapped in a cycle of trauma and victimhood as, on some level, it was serving her. Eventually, she became quite aggressive and verbally abusive when I tried to lovingly distance myself and, sadly, I had to cut all contact. I later discovered this was a classic case of co-dependence that I had been trapped in with this person since the age of 4 years old.

I am now much more aware of how my tendency to help others can be taken advantage of and I keep my boundary in check at all times. Friends have often asked me for healing sessions without expecting to pay, but I soon find that when I tell them my fee, they suddenly no longer wish to book a session. This suits me just fine and doesn’t mean I am not there for my friends when they need a friendly shoulder to cry on, but I just don’t do go into full therapist mode and merely give my honest opinion in the same way any friend would for me if I needed support. I am now able to trust that everyone has the tools to heal themselves within them and it can be much more empowering if I actually step back and don’t try to become the rescuer.

10) The same goes for spiritual boundaries
I cannot extol the virtues of cleansing and dedicating your space enough. Spiritual hygiene and creating a sacred space is so important for the work we do. I always cleanse my space before and after sessions and workshops. Just like I wouldn’t want to deal with a nasty or unkind person in my daily life, I do not want to deal with any energies that are less than loving and divine in my healing work. Again, if a client comes to you and you do not feel comfortable working with them or you don’t feel you are the right person to help, do not be afraid to say no. I recently had to refer on a client who had some particularly nasty spirit attachments and, while I can do spirit release work, I was not equipped to handle this one. But I got to see, first hand, just how protected I was and my space was due to the cleansing and protection I had done in preparation for the session. It’s also important not to go into fear around topics like this, but taking some responsibility and a respectful approach will ensure you are honouring your boundaries and those of your client.

For more information on Alexandra’s work or to book a session, visit alexandrawenman.com or email info@alexandrawenman.com7 copy 11

Unlock your Precious Wisdom


Precious Wisdom(™) is the spark of divine unconditional love that lies at the heart of every single world religion and spiritual teaching.

In truth, it is a wisdom that cannot really be taught. You must be willing to embark on the inner path – the path of self-exploration that leads you towards true self-love. For it is only by truly knowing yourself that you will know God and have the answers to the universe and the real purpose of life on Earth.

Earth is the school for the soul.

We do not stop here. We are merely visitors in this place of learning – arriving in the world of form and matter to accelerate our soul’s growth. The love that we experience here is just the tip of the iceberg compared to who and what we are as a soul.

Precious Wisdom(™) is a divine channelled healing system gifted to the world through Alexandra Wenman by the Archangel Metatron, Lord Melchizedek and the councils of light to assist us in awakening to our true power – the power of love. This beautiful healing is the energetic gift of Spiritual Alchemy delivered in the form of ancient sacred symbols and the universal golden ray of Lord Melchizedek.

There are many of us at this time who are searching. We have explored many different spiritual paths and ways of tuning into our soul’s calling, following our inner yearning and accessing our own divine power. Many lightworkers and star seeds are beginning to understand this hidden path behind the outer practical teachings of many religions, ancient mystery schools and cultures. Deep within the heart of many such teachings – such as the Kabbalah, the Tao, ancient Egypt and Greece, the Gnostic Gospels, the Shamanic path, Wiccan and Druidic practices – is a secret path that only those who are pure of heart and open of mind will be able to find.

This hidden path has been depicted in ancient symbols for millennia. Many of these powerful symbols have been demonised by the church and turned into symbols of fear to prevent the population from accessing their true birthright and finding the god within. But the true meaning of these symbols is a simple but powerful message of love. In truth, they are all symbols depicting us: the human being as a greater consciousness in physical form, or ‘spirit in matter’.

Precious Wisdom(™) claims back the true meaning of these symbols and, in doing so, aids us in claiming back our own power and finding the God within.

Precious Wisdom(™) is like a golden strand or thread that connects the secret teachings at the heart of the world’s religions. It is the key to our hearts, bringing us back into alignment with our true nature, and assisting us in undoing all our lifetimes of conditioning and control. Precious Wisdom(™) assists in bringing us back to the simple truth that we are – and our purpose is – universal, perennial, undying, everlasting, limitless, pure, divine and unconditional…


Channelled message from Jesus/Jeshua/Sananda:

Every one of you is a higher consciousness driving this vessel you call a body. Just as you drive a car but do not think you are the car, do not think you are your body, for it is only temporary. Get used to the idea that you are a greater mind – part of the mind of God and all of creation. There is no separation. The body is merely your vehicle to house your soul during this momentary glimpse of the world of physical form.

The difference between religion and spirituality is that religion was created by man. Religion has appropriated the true teachings and wisdom so that man could control humanity. Wars have been fought over religious ideology for millennia.

Ask yourself: ‘How can something supposedly built on love lead to war?’

Your heart knows the answer. Your heart is the key to your divinity. Do not blindly follow anyone else’s doctrine or dogma. There is no other guru than your heart. Your heart knows what to do in any given moment. At any given time. Look within and you shall have the answers you seek.

Return to your power, little ones. Claim back your divine right to your heart’s secret murmurings. Switch off the news, leave the church, walk away from those who would ask you to ignore your own guidance, and from those who would tell you never to listen to or speak your own truth, who would tell you not to honour your soul or follow your dreams.

There is no saviour, save yourself.

It is time to claim back your power! This is not the definition of power that has been misused by so many for so long! This is not about having ‘power over’ someone or something. This is the power of love. It is a quiet, peaceful but all-enduring power, and if you listen to it and be willing to awaken to it, it will begin to nudge you in the right direction for your soul and the path that you were destined for.

As you continue to follow its whispers and grow in faith for it, it will begin to get louder until you can no longer ignore the calling of your heart. And then all the lifetimes of conditioning and control will have no more power over it and no effect on it.

Then the power of your heart will become as a lion’s roar from deep within you. You will drop your masks. You will rise up in love and devotion to your soul and the God that rests within you like a sleeping dragon. A fire will grow within your belly. The fires of your passion, the flames of wisdom will rage through you and you shall be illuminated.

The power of love will guide you to your true soul’s calling and purpose. That purpose is to ignite the pure spark of love within your heart. To know the God within. And then to share of this bounty with all the world to encourage them to do the same.

This is where the world’s religions mistook our message. We did not ask for a forceful approach. We did on no account tell them to push their ideas on to others or to attempt to enslave or entrap. We merely asked them to be examples of the light. They misread that message.

The time has come to set the record straight. A new dawn has approached for humankind. A golden dawn has arisen. Be the light and others will be inspired by your example. That is all you need to do. Be kind, be loving, spread love around and it will catch on like wildfire. The fire of your heart is lit by the torch of the divine. This is a flame that can ever die or be extinguished. It can only be diminished if you allow it to be. Do NOT allow it. Breathe love into your heart and the flame shall billow and burst forth.

Be as a lantern in the dark of night, radiating warmth and giving off light.

Only then will you have achieved what you came to the world of matter to achieve and you shall be guided home. For many of you, this is your last incarnation on Earth. What will you choose to do with your remaining time here? Do not ignore the inner nudgings of your soul.

To thine own self be true!!!!!! This is all you have to do. Be the light, shine bright.

In love and service, Jesus / Jeshua / Sananda. xxxx

To book a session in this beautiful hands-on channelled healing, email info@alexandrawenman.com

Video blog: Clear your fears with 4 powerful questions…


1) What do you most fear?
2) Who are you really?
3) What makes your heart sing?
4) What would you do if you didn’t care what anyone thought of you?

In this blog I share my own process for overcoming irrational fears and negative self-talk. I invite you all to look within and explore your deepest fears so that you can break free of what’s holding you back from following and achieving your dreams.

If you would like to work with me to explore some of these ideas further and to unlock more of your own inner power, email me at:


for information about my private sessions and workshops.

Choose your own path – find your own power

The age of the ‘guru’ is over

Ever since I was child I have questioned everything I have been taught about spirituality.

That’s not to say I haven’t devoured every piece of spiritual information I could get my hands on – my curiosity for the subject is nothing if not insatiable. But it has got me into trouble at times – and that’s why, over the years, I’ve had to learn the art of discernment.

I certainly didn’t buy half the stuff the Catholic Church tried to ram down my throat when I was at school – ‘But why do we have to have to go to church if God is everywhere?’ was a common question I’d ask my mother as the family piled into the car on Sunday mornings to go to mass. From an early age, I began to sift through the various teachings on offer and take from them the best bits, the bits that I felt suited me. And I would log in my mind the bits that felt right and good, and based in love.

In high school during Religious Education we began to learn about other world religions, and imagine my excitement when I discovered things like Buddhism and the law of Karma? A bit different to the ‘eye for an eye’ approach set out in the biblical Old Testament. Far from the idea of punishment for ‘bad behaviour’, here was a simple law of cause and effect. The idea that what you put out, comes back to you as part of the natural ebb and flow of universal order.

When I really got on the path around 2008, I became a total course junkie and attended every healing or psychic development workshop I could sign up to. Luckily for me, it then became part of my job – when I went to work on a holistic magazine – to review such workshops, but it did mean periods of ‘spiritual overload’. Much of what is out there – like the bible – can be quite contradictory. And every teacher I came across would try to convince me that their way was the right way. Some teachers were amazing and so inspiring, but there were others who were totally ego-driven, who actually ended up making me feel more deflated and disempowered than I had been before.

I soon began to notice that egos even exist in the world of spiritual so-called ‘love and light’. It was time to get real. I put a call out to universe and asked to see the truth and to be shown where people were being inauthentic in my life. I felt sometimes I was too compassionate and tried too hard to see the good in people, and it made me blind to situations where I was being ill-treated or my kindness exploited. I wanted more of a balance. I wanted to see the truth – however ugly it got. A word of warning: be careful what you wish for…

Because I got exactly that – and it was nothing short of a huge wake-up call.

In early 2013, the magazine I worked for suddenly ground to a halt. I not only found myself out of a job, but I was devastated that something I had worked so hard at, which was my career and my passion, was so quickly taken from me. I was never formally dismissed or paid any redundancy and the people I worked for (the owners and directors of the company) stopped returning my calls and emails, and just vanished into the ether. This left me (as the editor) to try to explain to our readers and contributors what had happened and why they weren’t going to get paid.

I ended up being horribly cyber-bullied and harassed by people (some of whom I had thought of as friends and all of whom called themselves ‘spiritual people’) who mistakenly accused me of being to blame for the publication’s demise. It was a very low point in my life. But it taught me a lot about having healthier personal boundaries and also how to be more discerning. I was always an open book and had a too-trusting nature before – and I realise now that made me an easy target.

I have now learnt that it doesn’t matter what other people think of you or say about you as long as you know the truth – and if it is your intention to act out of love, integrity and authenticity, then you can’t go wrong. Often when you shine brightly, people can become threatened and try to dim that light. For a while I felt I just had to go to ground and hide away.

The situation definitely shone a light on, not only on the inauthentic people in my life, but it had also allowed me to see how I actually had let myself be taken advantage of. I was so busy focusing on helping everyone else, and trying to make the magazine the light- and inspiration-filled publication that our readers wanted, that I didn’t see that I was being totally undermined by the people running it.

But, no matter what, I refused to act towards the people who were really to blame the way the people who were bullying me were acting.

An important lesson I learnt was I that my gentleness is really a huge strength. Being able to hold compassion and forgiveness for the people who have hurt you is a great gift. The situation catapulted me further into the work I am doing today, and now I help others to empower themselves and find their own path – striking the very delicate but important balance between having compassion and discernment. You can’t be all ‘love and light’ if it comes at a cost to your own personal Truth. But you can act out of kindness while having strong boundaries. Sometimes it is OK and necessary to say ‘no’.

So I wholeheartedly promote the benefits of this sifting and collecting approach to your spiritual path. Your way is the right way. Trust our own intuition first and foremost, and your path will be so much easier. This has coloured my whole life. But it wasn’t until very recently that I even realised I was doing it.

However, I am 100% convinced that you are the best expert for yourself and your life. The age of the ‘guru’ is over. I believe following your own intuition will always yield the right solution for you. I’m a huge believer in following your heart (intuition) over your head (logic / reasoning).

You have the answers! Look within before searching for explanation or encouragement outside of yourself.

There is no hierarchy and we are all as special and unique as each other – even though we may be at different points on our journey.

Do not let fear hold you back from your dreams.

In the words of Rumi: ‘Your essence is your wealth.’

Love Alexandra x