Channelled message: Coping with the shock

Precious Wisdom – channelled message from the Higher Galactic Council of light

Dearest ones,

Many of you are in shock. You are reacting to the rapid changes on this planet and many of you will be feeling a state of shock. Your heightened sensitivity means this shock will be felt much more deeply in you than perhaps others around you. The shock is part of the process. It is serving to shock you into a state of alert awareness and to shock you out of your old programming and habits. You are shedding your old ways of thinking and being. It is like the slap to snap you out of it and take a look at what you are doing? How you are being? What you are thinking? What you are creating?

When frightening things happen, it is shocking. Especially when it is happening on your doorstep or to people you may know. Rather than allowing fear to take over, let it bring you some heartening perspective.

Let it bring you back to love. Let it encourage you to stand resolute in love.

Petty arguments now pale into insignificance compared to the level of violence currently playing out on your news channels, do they not? You must not take anything personally now. Friendships are changing, situations are ending. Let them go with love. Come back to your centre. Spend time alone if you must. Be in nature. Honour the simplicity of your hearts, dear ones. Follow your joy.

All that is occurring is helping you to drop the karma and the drama of your old story. It is snapping you out of your old ways.

Honour your sensitivity now and breathe in the light of peace. Centre yourself and withdraw into simplicity. Do things that uplift you. Be only with people who uplift, support and honour you. Take it day by day.

We lovingly urge you to learn to breathe consciously at this time. In through the nose, out through the mouth – deeply into your diaphragm.

As you breathe, set an intention to breathe in love and peace. Let it circulate through your body and breathe out all that is surplus to your joy. On the out breath also send love to all. You will need this practice to steady your nerves. We suggest you make this a regular practice. It can be done anywhere, at any time. Send light and love to all those in need and rest in the security of your hearts.

There is more upheaval yet to come. But it is all bringing you closer to one. Come home to love, dear ones.

We are with you always.

In love, light and truth,
The Higher Galactic Council of light (channelled by Alexandra Wenman)