Channelled message from Brigon the Blue Ray Arcturian


27/7/17, Channelling from ‘Brigon’ the Blue Ray Arcturian – 3.15pm on way to Foix from Lourdes, France. This message was channelled the day after he physically appeared to me above the statue of Mother Mary in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes…

Dear ones, we want you to see and be seen. Those of you who recognise yourselves as star children and light emissaries are now being shown that it is safe to come out of hiding and share your knowledge. Many more await your wisdom, and the web of truth is opening out and out, the more the great knowledge is shared. The more of you who step bravely and Lovingly on to the path of truth, the more you shine a light on the path for others. Like an airport runway lit at night, you are guiding lights for humanity’s reawakening to love.

We have now begun showing ourselves. For many years now there are those who have been aware of our presence – channels and sensitives who remember a time when your planet was not like this. They remember a time of freedom and love. Of purpose based on the betterment of the all, of sharing in love and allowing for unfoldment of joy and peace.

You are returning to your true state, your pure state, to the truth of who you are. You, dear ones, all of you, without exception are the immaculate conception. Remember who you are. The time has come!

We are now beginning to show ourselves physically because there are enough of you now who are aware of and comfortable in our presence. We do not wish to cause alarm. We have always been with you yet your consciousness was too limited to see or feel us. The veil between dimensions is now lighter than ever. You are being elevated in awareness. You are becoming more light-filled. You are vibrating at a faster rate of frequency. Time is speeding up because you are speeding up! You are quickening and your world – the 3rd dimension – is quickening. Soon you will cross to a 5th dimensional frequency – many of you are already there permanently in your consciousness. This does not mean you will dissolve. It is your consciousness, your mind, your awareness that is elevating. Your bodies remain third dimensional. You are light bodies within human bodies. Divine mind housed in flesh.

It is an uncomfortable process to have all your personal and collective trauma surging to the surface of your awareness, is it not? But it is necessary for this to happen quickly now. You must transform your karma to enter the age of light. Those not yet ready to release and transform their karma and trauma will be leaving the planet. Many are returning to light by leaving their bodies. But all is part of the divine plan. Stay in your hearts. Remain in a state of love and trust that all is as it should be. All is, in fact, as it must be. For the time has come.

Divine ones, we are joining you in light. As you are joining us in light. Our hearts have always been united but now we are reunited in our awareness.

We love you infinitely. We walk with you. We hold you in our hearts. Look for us in the sunlight, in the clouds, in the shadows, in the shapes created by nature, in your mind’s eye… many of you have already seen us but dismissed it as mere fancy. Trust your knowing, trust your hearts, return to love. We are guiding you home.

End of transmission.