Channelled message from the angels

What are angels and how can you explain people’s different experiences of you?

Like you, we are multidimensional in nature. Angels exist at every level of creation and so, too, we can appear to you at every level of your being. We are part of you and you have experienced us as such, but, here in this third dimension, we appear as separate guardians of light. Guides to assist you through unconditional love on your path to reunite with your soul’s true calling.

That calling is simply love.

You will experience us and feel our energy differently depending on what level of consciousness you are tuning into and how high your vibration is at the time. Many believe we come from the 5th dimension and some say we are from the 7th. But we are present in every dimension of reality. We are the properties of creation. The Divine archetypes and building blocks your universe is created on. Every cell, molecule and atom has, at some level of its being, an angelic consciousness. For we are the consciousness of love. Each individual angel is a part of the divine whole. So we are like the cells, molecules and atoms of God. The elements that come together to make the whole. You are part of this. Every one of you has angelic qualities. As each one of you is just as divine as the next. Some of you have just forgotten this. And we are making ourselves known at this time to help you remember.

When people first encounter us, they need to believe we are something separate from them as they are in the frame of mind that they are searching for something or someone to help or rescue them. They don’t believe in their own inner divine power and so they call on us to assist. At first, they may ask for help with little everyday things, but as they learn to work with our energies they discover there is so much more to the world and who they really are. We are here to help you discover that what you think you want may not be what you really want at the highest level of your being.

We are like a ladder. We help you on your path by providing necessary steps back the divine.

The stairway to heaven is really just a stairway in your own consciousness and we angels are the fabric that makes up each step.

We are the building blocks of creation. We are like the individual facets that make up the infinite diamond of your divine soul and spirit. Every aspect of your divinity that you connect with, every step you take, every lesson you learn is part of the divine whole, drawing you closer and closer to divine oneness – to the truth of your divinity.

Each of you is a shimmering diamond of divine love, light and potential.

We are here to lovingly assist you in fulfilling the deepest and most magnificent potential you hold within you.

We are the light codes and filaments within your very cells. And yet we are also beings of pure light who surround your physical being and world. We are internal and external. We are within and without. Like the universe, all is above and below. All is within and without. We are you and yet we surround you as separate beings. It is one and the same thing.

If you feel overwhelmed with this information or with any spiritual concept, just remember that all is love.

All comes back to love. Love is the answer.

Live a life of love for self first and the rest will fall into line. All that is not aligned with your purpose and path will begin to drop away. Let it go with love. Do not struggle against love. Allow yourself to flow with love. Go into free fall. Stop fighting against the tide for the tide is turning and love is on the rise. The more you struggle and fight, the tougher will be the ride. Let love hold you and guide you.

To allow this, you must follow the calling of your heart instead of what your logic or head dictates. Love moves you beyond the confines of the rational mind and into your limitless emotional intelligence. Here is where you will find your truth.

Many changes are afoot on this planet right now.

We angels are on the rise because the level of love on this planet and the vibration of your hearts is on the rise.

We have not appeared out of nowhere. There are not more of us than there used to be – we are infinite. We always were and always will be. You were just not so willing or able to see us before.

As more light penetrates the dark corners of your shadow, your angelic and divine qualities will rise and rise and you shall know us. Within and without. We are within you and we surround you. We are the manifestation of your love, and the essence of your creation.

If you love the angels then surely you must love yourselves.

Divine ones, you are truly blessed – for you are built on love and nothing you could ever say, do, think or feel will ever change that. Our increased presence in your awareness is proof that the world is rising in love. There is no turning back from this process. This is the evolution of your race, the expansion of your soul, the illumination of your light, the elevation of your grace and the ascension of your planet.

At your core is love.

Love is the balance. Love is the key. Love is the pivotal point. Come back to love in every moment. Return to love. Remember love. Breathe love. See love. Spread love. Feel love. Choose love. Share love. Live love.

Come home to love.

In devotion and adoration,
Your angels xxxx

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