Channelled message from the Elohim angels

Channelled by Alexandra Wenman©, 9.30am, 17/2/16,


Seven mighty Elohim surround you

Seven facets of divine creation
Seven building blocks of light
Seven joined in emanation
The seven of God’s holy might

We are tall,
We are white
Ancient forms of
purity and light
Piercing through
the dark of night

Our hands above your crown
Our wings about your heart
Our light within your mind
Create! It’s time to start

As an orchestra of strings
through the core
of your heart…

Channelled message from the Seven Elohim

We come at a time of great need to intervene for you.

What is it you are waiting for? Begin your journey! Your heart holds all the answers you seek and the world is waiting for your message. You have gifts you need to share like secret pearls hidden within a shell. Call upon us and will help you crack open that hard shell that you have kept around you like some form of protection. Only this shell is no protection you need. It is merely the limiting shell of your fears and doubts, your limiting patterns, programmes and beliefs.

Break out of that limiting space! Crack open that shell. Release your fears and fly into the light. Spread your wings into the glorious sunshine of a new dawn and take flight!

We understand that there are many lifetimes of this fear that you have accumulated. And so your layers of protection resemble the layers of sediment on an oyster shell. Layer by layer as you consciously let in more light, more love and the more you listen to the calling of your truth and the song of your heart, you will begin shedding these layers.

All you need do is set the intention that you are ready to let go of all that has been holding you back. It is that simple!

Ask for our assistance and the assistance of the angels and councils of light and we will bring more light into your body, mind, heart and soul.

Just think it to begin it.

Will it to be so and then just let go…

Everyone on this planet will have to go through this great shedding as there is too much light now to sustain the deep levels of fear that have bound this paradigm and this reality together. This way of being is now outdated. The cracks are showing!

Set your sights on the light.

As much as you can, visualise yourself enveloped in pure light. Breathe it in. Take it into your heart. Open your heart like a blossoming flower of light. Light coming in from infinite source above and mother earth below and flowing into and out of your heart with each breath. The pure light of love.

As you receive it, so shall you give it and the more you give, the more you shall receive. This is the key to breaking down your outdated layers of fear, limiting beliefs, unbalanced ego and the illusion of protection.

When you stand in the pure light of love, you shall need no protection. For love is all you will be and so love is all you will see and experience.

We are standing around you in a circle – the seven mighty Elohim who surround the thrown of Grace. We are bringing the pure light of God in through your crown chakra. Illuminating your mind and all of your your unique gifts. We are switching on the lightbulb in the dark room of your doubts so that you can more clearly see who you are and what you are meant to be.

In truth, you can never really stray from your path, but you must consciously intend to stay on it for it to flow. You can choose to exercise your free will and act against it, but this will only make the process feel more difficult for you and then your guides and angels will have to intervene to bring you back on track. This can be painful as you try so hard to hold on to that which is not serving you, but which creates an illusion of comfort and safety. You feel you need to cling to the material as, up to now, you think that is all you know. But the sense of freedom you will have will be far more liberating, supportive and comforting if you only learn to let go.

The best course of action is to surrender to the light. Devote your life to the light and let go of any ideas you have as to how that will play out in your earthly reality. Your higher self has it all in hand, so relax into the light and let your focus be on the now moment. And, in every now moment, set the intention to give and receive vaster and vaster quantities of light.

Live in light.

That is truly all we ask. It is so simple. That is the way of the heart. And that is the key to en-‘light’-enment.

We are the creators of form. We wish to co-create heaven on earth with you, and for you. Step into the light and be unafraid – for heaven is your birthright and we are assisting you always.

With love and grace, the Seven Mighty Elohim xxx