Death and dreaming…

We are all part of a vast, limitless, Divine consciousness.

When you go to sleep, you are really waking up.

When you die, you are really being born into the spirit realm and back to your true state of being, which is pure love consciousness.

Meditation is a doorway into this truth.

You never left paradise. You are just asleep and having a dream of limitation. Some of you are dreaming of hell. But heaven is here for the taking. As the shaman say: ‘We never left the garden.’ We are all now going through a process of waking up from this great dream of 3D reality. Those who cannot handle the energies are leaving the planet – have you noticed how many celebrities have died in the past two years? These are just the people we know about. Many more have passed too.

If you are still here, then it is an exciting time indeed as you get to be part of the mass awakening and evolution of our species….