Divine is the new normal

Precious Wisdom – Let’s normalise spirituality

It’s normal to wake up. It’s normal to begin to access your extrasensory gifts. It’s normal to want to break out of the box and shout your truth to the hills. You aren’t going mad. And the days when you might have been locked up or tortured for sharing your gifts are done. It is now safer than ever to be a healer or intuitive on this planet.

In fact, so many people are going through awakenings these days that it almost seems unheard of now that there are still people with fears around these topics.

Yoga and reiki are common words in our everyday vocabulary. Most people you speak to meditate or at least know something about mindfulness. Anyone who’s anyone only eats organic. And who hasn’t heard of Archangel Michael?

The days of the witch trials are over. Our planet is going through a mass awakening and evolution and we are all part of it. As souls, we signed up to be here at this time. We chose to be here on the planet now to assist and bear witness to this great evolutionary shift into the age of light. This is such an exciting time in the history of humankind.

We need to have more transparent conversations about spirituality and mysticism that don’t paint it as woo woo or weird. We need to be matter of fact about this now. We need to support each other and help each other rise together, as the divine feminine rises on our planet.

Empaths, lightworkers and starseeds, haven’t we lived through enough lifetimes of persecution? It’s time we felt safe to open up and share our gifts with the world.

Coming out of the spiritual closet can be a frightening experience. But it doesn’t have to be. There are so many of us talking about consciousness now that you needn’t feel alone. Why not join in the conversation? Come to the party!

Share your gifts. Share your truth without shame. Trust that your vibe will attract your tribe. We have so many amazing free platforms available now through which to share our message. YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are but a few. We now have the ability to self-publish books and broadcast ourselves live on SoundCloud or video feeds.

Don’t wait for someone else to decide you are worthy or qualified. Put yourself out there and let your message, gifts and talents be heard, seen and shared.

Anyone who does not resonate with what you have to say will soon step back. They may even run for the hills. Allow them to retreat with love and make space for your fellow lightworkers to take their place and hold you in their hearts.

As you begin to believe in and honour yourself, the universe will support you.

Become an activist for starseeds’ rights. Stand up for the lightworker. Embrace your inner witch or wizard.

After all, persecution is just so dark ages.

Healing is on the rise again.
Spirituality is hip right now.
‘Alchemy’ is the new buzzword.
Consciousness is cool.
Intuition is everywhere.

Divine is the new normal.

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