Don’t be afraid of your own shadow

Message from the Higher Galactic Council of Light, 29/6/16

Dear ones,

We wish to acknowledge the level of shadow arising for each of you at this moment. There is a lot of fear and doubt on Earth and it may appear at times to be overwhelming. We wish to reassure you that there is nothing to fear. What is happening is a necessary coming to light of what was hidden so that it can be transmuted, cleared and healed.

Each one of you reading this signed up to be here on this planet at this time and for this exact reason. You are part of the ‘Great Change’ and the ‘Great Time’ that has been prophesied throughout the ages. Your presence is needed – your light is needed.

A large proportion of what is being brought to light is the nature of duality in this reality. You may have noticed that things are becoming unsettled even within the very relationships you thought to be loving and authentic. This is also happening within the lightworker community and here is where it feels especially painful as you expect each other to be all about ‘love and light.’

Many of you are experiencing long-held friendships dropping away or misunderstandings arising seemingly out of nowhere and based on nothing. This is because any imbalances are being brought to light to be healed. Because of the nature of duality, many empaths have the mistaken notion that they need to put others’ needs before their own and so they become imbalanced in their energy as they are giving out too much and not standing in their power. On the flip side, many of you have also become too dazzled by your own self-importance and are identifying too much with your position as ‘healer’ or ‘lightworker’.

There is no room for jealousy or competition in the work you came here to do. Each of you is Divine. Each of you is unique and special. There is no shortage of people who need your abilities and gifts at this time, so do not fall into the trap of thinking you have to be the best ‘angel healer’ or ‘channel’ or ‘coach’ in order to get the most clients. The people who need your particular set of gifts will find you. Trust in the abundant flow of the universe. As more people begin to gain awareness of their natural intuitive abilities, more healers will indeed step into this role. This is an inevitable part of the evolutionary process. You do not need to ‘out-spiritualise’ anyone. This false notion of competition is now being squeezed out. As more light fills this planet, more shadow will indeed ‘come to light’.

Do not take anything personally, but rather stand in your own power. Those who have previously taken on the role of the underdog are now finding their inner warrior. Those who have run away with their own power, success and status are being shown true humility.

Support each other – even if only energetically. Hold each other in your hearts and view the process from a higher perspective and through the eyes of unconditional love for your brothers and sisters. If a relationship needs to drop away, let it go with grace and love.

This is happening planet-wide. Look at the situation with the EU – out of the blue, a long-standing relationship has ended. This is because this relationship was not fully functioning from a place of true integrity. Inconsistencies will now begin to come to light in the news about why this had to happen. Other countries will follow suit and it will be the beginning of necessary change in the way this whole planet is being run.

Notice how individuals have been quibbling over who voted to leave or remain. This was part of the plan by those in charge – to divide the people through fear. But they did not receive the outcome they had hoped for, which was to frighten you into thinking you need to be herded together like cattle.

Yes, it’s true, that borders will one day become a thing of the past and your planet is heading towards greater unity and a global community mindset. But, as a collective, you are not yet at the right level of consciousness and your governments and so-called ‘leaders’ are certainly not operating from the right level of consciousness at this current time. They are still operating from the mindset of fear and control.

For change to occur, the old must first collapse and drop away. Space is being made for a new age to dawn upon this Earth. This is an evolutionary process, which will play out in all facets of your society, on an individual level and a global scale.

Choose to see all of this from a higher, loving perspective. Do not buy into fear. Know that all that is occurring is a necessary part of the Divine plan. Trust that you are safe and have all the support you need. Draw on your own inner strength and guidance – there is no better source of wisdom, save your own inner truth.

We are always here for you and we are watching Earth with keen interest.

In love and service,

The Higher Galactic Council and Galactic Federations of Light.