I wrote a song for my wedding

Putting my poetry to music is something I have wanted to do for years and I finally had the chance in October last year. I wrote a song for my husband and sang it at our wedding on the magical island of Ibiza. It felt like a long-held dream coming true.

I was a little rusty and kinda nervous, and it was also a miracle I didn’t bawl my guts out – especially considering everyone else did – but I am so glad I did it! And I think my hubby Tony was pretty pleased as well.

The whole day was so blessed and magical. We honoured the four cardinal directions and had a mixture of different ceremonies, including Native American, Jewish and Celtic traditions, a pagan hand-fasting and, of course, an angel blessing. And I couldn’t forget to include a nod to our celestial friends by creating table centres depicting all of my favourite star constellations.

It was my intention that our wedding be more than just a celebration of our love, but a celebration of love in all its forms, and I wanted to spread that love across our whole planet. So, as we’ve just had Valentine’s Day, I wanted to sprinkle that love far and wide even more…

Here’s to love in all its forms!

Loads of love,

Alexandra xxx

‘My Everything’
Lyrics by Alexandra Wenman
Music by Kath Haling
Performed by Alexandra Wenman (Vocals) and Claire Wakeman (Guitar)

Photos by This Modern Love Photography
Video by Jake Westwood
Hair and Make-up: Shillito Sisters
Dress: Claire Pettibone at Blackburn Bridal
Shoes: Oscar Tiye
Venue: La Escollera, Ibiza