‘Ophelia’ Blue Ray Arcturian High Priestess on how to heal Earth

‘Ophelia’ the Blue Ray Arcturian high priestess on how to heal Mother Earth (channelled by Alexandra Wenman 6 and 7/8/17)

For the past two nights I have been visited by a beautiful female blue Arcturian called Ophelia.

She was very tall with a high head, small mouth and very delicate, beautiful features. She was deep blue in colouring and surrounded by blue and white light. She seemed to be dressed in robes of light and she had a headdress made of crystal that circled her brow and had long strands of crystal trailing down either side of her head. As with the other Blue Rays I have seen, she had three fingers on each hand and was very long, thin and elegant.

The first night she came, she invited me to travel with her through a beautiful geometric and flower of life portal into a huge crystalline spaceship. The ship itself appeared to be made of light. It was alive and had its own consciousness.

It was made of crystalline light and was operated by the collective consciousness of the beings aboard. If they wanted to go somewhere or see something they lovingly held the same intention in unison. I was aware of many different beings aboard this ship. There were other races too. I saw Lyrans, Sirians and golden ascended Orions.

On the first night I fell asleep when I got to the ship, but last night Ophelia came and told me she wanted to show me something. When we got to the ship I was taken to the crystalline bridge or control room. She invited me to look out the window and I saw a blue planet of the most exquisite beauty. It was a peaceful planet and many beings co-existed there. It was a planet of high technology. Many spaceships were coming and going. There were no borders and everyone lived in harmony with each other, their planet, all creatures and all visitors were welcome.

I asked Ophelia if this was her planet. She looked at me with so much love and told me that the planet I was gazing upon was Earth in our future. It brought tears to my eyes.

She told me that on the present timeline this exact vision I was seeing would come to pass in about 2,000 years. But she said that she was showing me this because the more of us who hold this vision of earth as a beautiful, harmonious, loving utopia, the sooner it shall come to pass.

She told me the reason I could see Earth in this way is because I was actually driving the ship with my intention in the moment she took me to bridge. I already hold this awakened vision for our planet. And I already see evidence of it every day.

She asked if I wanted to take a closer look. And I was able to zoom in in my consciousness and travel down amongst the people to see how they lived.

Everyone was fully awakened and all their spiritual gifts were open. Fairies, nature spirits and elementals, star beings, inner earth beings, animal, humans – they were all aware of each other and lived side by side in beautiful multidimensional cooperation, but it was more than mere co-existence. It was a celebration of each other, of earth, of life, joy, harmony and love.

Ophelia told me that now I had this knowledge and had this vision clearly held in my heart and mind, I would be rewarded. I would now begin to see more and more harmony and synchronicity in my own life as a result.

And she asked me to share this vision so that others may hold this intention for a utopian, beautiful world in their own hearts, so they too may begin to conceive of it now.

We do not need to wait 2,000 years for this world to become a reality. We can have it now for ourselves and we can also hold the vision for those not yet able to conceive of it themselves.

Our intentions are powerful. Every millisecond, we are co-creating our experiences with our thoughts.

What kind of world do you wish to create? Hold that vision now. Direct your ship’s course for your utopia. Do not wait for someone else to do it for you.

In loving service, Alexandra Wenman and Ophelia the Blue Ray Arcturian High Priestess xxx