Poem: The Bridge

How did we close our
Immaculate eyes?
And send love dancing
Into the fires?
The pure ones writhing
In their cries
As they went singing
Onto their pyres
How did we walk in
the dark of night
How did we hold
Our souls upright
How could we know
Such wrong from right
And find our way in
An absence of light
Why did we choose
To return again?
To fall from grace
In the world of men
What’s different now
Than it was then?
Is it not still a world
Of ‘us and them’?
Will the Earth
We hope to see
Come to fulfil
The prophecy?
I tell you now
I know it’s true
If you meet me
And I meet you
On the bridge
That links us two
Some day soon
The sun will rise
To reflect the light
That’s in our eyes
That spark of light
That we all are
Is the key to the
Gates of utopia

5/7/17, Alexandrawenman.com

Art by David Renshaw ?