The Cygnus collective: release your excess


Precious Wisdom – channelled message from the Cygnus collective

Greetings dear ones,

We come to you as divine beings from the star system Cygnus. Our message is one of purity and hope. We work on a pure white ray that is close in quality to the angelic ray of purity, otherwise known as the ascension flame. We achieved a dispensation of this divine ray long before humanity as you know it walked the earth.

Ours is a message of light. The words we speak are not quite so important as the vibration which accompanies them. But still we impart the following message.

Dear ones, in the coming days (this can be translated into weeks, months and also years as these beings operate outside space/time) it may be necessary for you simplify your lives. All that it surplus to your happiness is beginning to weigh you down. You may begin to feel that the density of this earth plane is increasing and yet it is more true to say that your own vibration is elevating. And that juxtaposition can feel intense. You are rising in light and this can cause your spirit to push against the dense energies here and also to resist the gravitational pull that is keeping you here.

The increase in your vibration is causing a pressure and this pressure is forcing to the surface of your awareness all that is causing you pain, stifling you and holding you back.

Let it come up and out into the light. Whatever it is that is weighing you down cannot be released until it is acknowledged. To be acknowledged it must first be felt. It must be felt to be interpreted and understood. Once you have received the learning, you may release it. But you must be willing to look.

For some, the great surrender will include stuck emotions and limiting beliefs, for others it may be unhappy memories or bad habits. And for others still, it may mean walking away from difficult people or situations. For some, this may be a temporary adjustment and, for others, more final.

You may love some of these people – they may family or even friends. Search your hearts, dear ones, for you cannot hold on to that which has no place in your life any longer. Only that which is true to your soul’s vibration can remain.

Holding on to something when you know it does you no good only proves more painful in the long run. We cannot tell you what needs to be surrendered and what must remain. We can only tell you that your heart holds the key.

Where does your heart constrict in relation to something in your life?

Where does your heart expand?

There you will find the answer.

Humanity is learning how to live in community again. The art of existing in community and networks or communities has been all but lost. You have been coexisting, yes, but you have forgotten how your experience and behavior affects those around you. You need to re-remember how to be in loving communities which support each other through cooperation.

There is a process to this. First, you may wish to decide who your true closest friends and soul family are. Then you may wish to withdraw from all unnecessary relationships and plans – so many of you who are empaths give precious time to relationships that are inauthentic or out of a misguided sense of obligation.

It may be necessary to re-establish your clear boundaries with people. Those of you working as healers could find this more difficult than others, as so many may have become reliant on you.

Now is the time to draw back into your heart-centered relationships and set clear boundaries with anyone who is out to steal your light, rather than acknowledging their own. You do both yourself and them a disservice if you allow this kind of co-dependence to continue. We urge you to do everything you need to with love and from a mindset of love.

Those of you preparing to leave situations will know already of what we speak. It can be a testing time to prepare to step out into the unknown and embark upon a new path, but when you trust your heart and follow your true guidance, the universe will always support you.

Lovingly release anything that is weighing on your spirit, dear ones. Space is being made for a new life to arrive for each of you. But you must make room for that space to enter your life.

Clutter can come in the form of material possessions, emotions, thoughts and feelings, people and situations. We lovingly urge you to take an inventory of your excess. Then release what you need to in order to move forward in love and to elevate your hearts in joy.

We are with you, holding you in this process.

We love you infinitely. The Cygnus collective (channelled by Alexandra Wenman) xxxx