The gift of a graceful transition – a personal account of healing into death


Earlier this year I was approached by a client who asked if I would be willing to perform healing on her brother, who was in a coma in an Intensive Care unit. His blood had been poisoned by an aggressive strain of strep bacteria, and his condition had rapidly deteriorated. She first made an appointment to come and see me in person and by the time she got to me for her session, her family had already been informed that he might not make it, so it was immediately evident that I was her last hope for a ‘miracle healing’. I gently explained to her that any healing I did would be performed by the angels from the Divine perspective and so my intention was for the highest and best healing to be delivered without any human hopes or fears getting in the way. I would simply be there to hold the space for whatever needed to take place.

The angels totally supported me in that intention. Sometimes, as humans, it can be difficult to let go of the need to know whether a certain outcome will unfold. Especially when someone’s life is at stake. We so desperately want to offer hope or give good news, but I knew in that moment that it was absolutely vital that I stay neutral and grounded in a space of total unconditional love and surrender to the angels. I felt my client relax as I explained all this to her. It’s as if she too had been given permission to let go of the need to control anything. And I knew that she understood completely that it wasn’t her – or my – responsibility to ‘save’ her brother.

As I began my client’s healing session, I was also guided to send distance healing to her brother in hospital and, at that point, my mind went totally blank and I found I was very easily able to let go and not try to see what was happening. In fact it was one of the easiest sessions I have ever done. The angels allowed me to mentally step back and simply allow the healing unfold as it would. I felt utterly held and supported, and I trusted that the absolute Divine and perfect outcome for all would unfold.

The next day, my client phoned to ask if I would come to the Intensive Care Unit to perform healing in person for her brother. My only other experience of performing a healing of this kind was when my grandmother passed over a few years ago. She has since visited me in meditation and explained that she is now a ‘spiritual midwife’ and helps souls transition from the other side.

I asked the family to gather round and again explained that we were simply holding the space for the most Divinely perfect healing to unfold. I invited all of the family members to place their hands lightly on his body and I observed the angels merging with every person in the room. In that moment, I felt my grandmother’s loving energy behind me and I knew she was also helping to hold the space. Yet, even knowing of her role in spirit, I didn’t jump to any conclusions about the outcome of this healing. I simply let go and I just felt so much love – love for the soul of this man lying unconscious before me, love for his family who had so graciously invited me to assist in their time of great need, and who had offered such an open-hearted and kind welcome – even despite their palpable grief. I totally and utterly surrendered to unconditional love. Again, my mind went blank. But I will never forget the feeling that came over me in that moment.

Something changed in me that day. I never thought I would be able to describe death as a beautiful thing, but I really feel that, as the soul of this man passed over, he gave me a great gift. In that moment, a kind of purity emerged from within me and I can’t help but think that perhaps an outworn part of me also chose to transition at that time. I wonder if perhaps he, too, helped to hold the space for me. In any case, I will never look at life the same way again.

As I left the hospital, I still didn’t know what the outcome would be for that man, but the world around me looked different. Colours appeared brighter and I could see light shining from the eyes of every person I passed. It was like I could see the very light of their soul radiating from within.

I learned a few days later that he had passed shortly after the healing and his sister thanked me, not only for helping her brother to transition smoothly, but also for helping the family to be able to more easily accept and come to terms with his passing. She said the healing had made a huge difference for all of them. I was also told that, as the angels had merged with them, some of the family members, including his mother, were able to feel their energy and a tingling sensation in their fingertips. I’m so very grateful I was given the opportunity to be of service in this way.

So many people fear death. We’re almost taught to fear death from the moment we incarnate into this reality. But that day, I really learned that there is nothing to fear. The love I felt in that room was immense. And as a result of this experience, I truly found something extraordinary.

I found grace.


I want to share two poems I wrote which were inspired by this experience…


‘Grace’ by Alexandra Wenman

People’s eyes look different

It’s as if they are aglow

Like I can now see something

That before I didn’t know


When I look in the mirror

I can tell my face has changed

Not sure how to explain it

But I know I’m not the same


It’s like a light came on in me

That I cannot turn off

So now I am remembering

All the things that I forgot


Like the world is filled with wonder

If you only dare to see

And there really is no difference

Between you and me


‘Visiting’ by Alexandra Wenman

 These are not my hands

This is not my skin

This is just a vehicle

I am travelling in


This is not my name

Though it’s what you know me by

I am not the same

Since I opened up my eyes


This is not my world

I’m just visiting here

I came to learn and teach

About how love conquers fear


I will leave this place

As soon as it’s my time

But one thing I know for sure

Is that I will never die…