The Higher Galactic Council of Light* on the nature of love

The Higher Galactic Council of Light on the nature of love (channelled by Alexandra Wenman, 3/8/17,

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Dear ones,

Your star family is with you.

We come to you as the Higher Galactic Council of Light *. We are a rainbow light brotherhood and sisterhood of collective love consciousness. That is to say, we resonate and communicate on the vibration of love. We are among you. We stand with you at this time. We bring assistance in your hour of need by lovingly supporting you and helping to raise the light quotient of your dimension and your planet. We do this merely by sending love to you and holding love around you with intention.

We do not come to tamper or to intervene unless you have requested help or we have a soul agreement to step in at a certain point in your life. Many of you are members of this council. Many of you have chosen to take on earthly incarnations at this time to bring light to the planet, and to spread your message and vibration of love and hope. You are here to raise the frequency of love. And while love is truly all there is and all there ever will be, many humans have forgotten this and have disconnected from their belief in love. Many believe they are separate from love or that it is somehow out of reach or evading them. It is our wish to help humanity remember that we are all divine. Every beautiful soul is a spark of the great creator energy. You are the very essence of love.

There are two aspects of love in your dimension.

There is the all-permeating divine love that you would call ‘unconditional’ love. There is also compassionate love, that is revealed through the action of being kind and understanding. This is what we term emotive or emotional love.

Unconditional love does not always reveal itself as kind and compassionate. It is pure truth. It can knock you off your pedestal if you are out of touch with it by resisting it in your thoughts and actions. When things appear to be going wrong in your life, it is usually out of the misguided belief that you are somehow lacking in love. In truth this can never be so – for you are made of love.

You can align with the flow of unconditional love by harnessing compassionate love and holding yourselves and each other in loving compassion.

Kindness, compassion and understanding will lead you to the truth that is unconditional love. That, in truth, all is as it should be. The light and the dark are all part of the divine.

Our assistance is of loving support. We offer you our kindness and compassion. We also hold you in our consciousness in your pure state of unconditional love and divine perfection. In holding this vibration for you and seeing you as divine, all that is surplus or blocking your access to your own belief in your divinity is able to be revealed. And then it can be embraced and accepted with love. And then you shall be a transformed human.

The higher aspect of your soul remains unchanged and always divine.

But in your 3D world, change is necessary for your growth. Your dimension is one of duality, after all. The human self must come into alignment with the divine self in order for you to access your divinity and ascend. There is an alchemical process which occurs once you awaken and begin your journey on the path to oneness. As you embrace more love into your hearts, and more light into your shadow or so-called lower self, more of your higher self is revealed.

Many are bringing through Alchemical processes and transmissions at this time to assist in the acceleration of this divine transmutation.     

We will only step in when asked or when pre-arranged, and only then, if it is deemed necessary for your highest growth. Some lessons you are meant to learn on your own. During those times, we are still with you. But we cannot step in as your soul has decided to go through a process as part of your human awakening and re-remembering.

During the most difficult times, we are holding you in our hearts and our attention is unwavering on the divine light that shines within you.

The more you are able to see, feel and acknowledge your own light, the more you are able to see through the illusion that you are somehow imperfect. Healing is not really letting go of anything. It is about loving acceptance and integration of all parts of yourself, including the shadow and the darkness.

Do not fear the dark. Think of it merely as the unknown.

Most of what hides in the dark corners of your mind are your own perceived fears. Yes, there are dark dimensions and shadow beings, but these will only have power over you if you let them. Remember, you are sovereign. You are the creator of your universe. Everything in your reality is a reflection of what is being held within yourself. If lower energies or entities are making themselves known to you, we suggest you heal the fear that arises in you as a result of the experience.

All are being asked to face their karma at this time. There are no real victims or villains.

There are only other souls, other people, who are acting as a mirror into the hidden parts of your own psyche. All outer circumstances and experiences are keys to unlock more doorways and pathways into your innermost self, which is truly divine perfection. Some of these doorways feel easy and pleasant as they awaken positive cellular memory and gifts, and some of them can feel uncomfortable or even terrible as they awaken your own perceived fears, failures, mistakes, traumas and past misgivings.

When you learn that nothing exists outside of the divine, you begin to understand that everything is love.

Everything, without exception, is a blessing. Everything in your life is here to assist in your blossoming. We invite you to bless your life. Bless your self. Bless your burdens and bless your triumphs. Be kind to yourself. Be compassionate. And have compassion for those who still are not able to see their own innate light. Hold the light for those who are as yet unable to hold it for themselves – just as we have been are are doing this for you.

Inside every human being is an innocent child of God.

The one born from the spark of love before any idea of corruption or dilution could be projected or perceived. In your compassion, see the child within everyone. See the pure soul before you see the struggle or the torment. See the divine perfection of all. Hold that light for yourselves and your planet. It is so very simple. Perception is what creates your reality.

Perceive of divine perfection and that is what you shall create in your world. 

Divine ones, we are with you in love and service.
Many are your blessings.
Beautiful are your hearts.
Assured is your return to grace.

The time has come. Remember who you are.

From our hearts to yours, the Higher Galactic Council of Light *

End of Transmission