The Higher Galactic Council of light* on ‘Time’

Message from Higher Galactic Council of Light on ‘Time’ (channelled by Alexandra Wenman, 10/8/17)

Dear ones,

A time portal has been activated in your hearts.

In simpler terms, it is as if a doorway out of time is opening up to you. This is to say that time is becoming less relevant and less linear to many of you now.

Time, you see, is an illusion. 

Outside of your idea of this third dimensional reality, there is no time. All is now. All is eternal oneness. All is infinite.

As you begin to acclimatise and align to the time portal, which allows you to experience your eternal oneness – accessed via your heart – you may begin to experience time shifts and time distortions. Time appears to be speeding up, is it not?

You are beginning to step out of time. 

It is only a lack of awareness which prevents access to this all-encompassing self NOW. The portal has always been open, yet it has not appeared open to you as your awareness has been limited by your belief that you are limited.

And so, time is a created notion which appears to slow you down, to experience yourself as imperfect and un-eternal – to make you feel that you are un-whole and that you have yet to strive for that perfection and wholeness. And so time carries on and on, and, at the same time, you feel as if time is running out.

How can you run out of now?

Every moment, every second, every millisecond… is now. You are always in the now. Even the past, when you think of it, is a memory which happened in your now. When you access it in your mind you are accessing it now. Even your future, when you arrive at it, becomes your now.

If you only knew that you have already arrived at wholeness, beloveds.

It is only your belief which makes you experience separation from your true eternal essence. And that essence is pure love consciousness.

Many of you are becoming more aware of your ‘other’ selves.

Your ‘other’ realities. Your ‘other’ lifetimes. Truly, these are not ‘other’ at all, but part of your whole self. For you are eternal oneness. You are pure being-ness. You are love.

We do not exist outside of the eternal and nor do you. Therefore, we are a part of you. And you of we. Can you feel us?

Notice how time begins to bend itself to your will.

Ask for more time, and see how it is freely given when you are in a state of trust. When you rest in the now and understand that all is available to you, time becomes a useful tool for you to play with. Time does not control you for you are Divine.

Understand that you are all and all is now and all is eternal always. 

We understand that this may cause your logical brain to flip. We understand that you may feel confused while trying to logically tap into this message.

Our purpose in speaking of this is to help you step beyond your ‘reasonable’ and ‘logical’ mind and into your eternal  ‘knowing’.

Feel yourself as eternal.

Feel yourself not within the now but ‘as’ the now.

Understand – feel – what it means to be immortal and eternal. Allow this to empower you and to bring you back to equilibrium.

Rest in your eternal hearts, dear ones. For your hearts are pure.

In loving service, the Higher Galactic Council of Light*.

End of transmission.

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