The star councils of Auriga and Vega on the solar eclipse

The ascended star councils of Auriga and Vega on the solar eclipse (channelled by Alexandra Wenman, 22/8/17)

Dear ones,

Today the sun rises on a new morning for a new timeline has begun.

Humanity has crossed a threshold in time and the light that has returned from the other side of the darkness is truly pure. You have brought yourselves to this place. Your light, your love, your hope has delivered you.

What this means for you is that you are returning in consciousness to your pure state as beings of light momentarily housed in the physical.

Day by day you are waking up and joining with us in your hearts. More and more of you are realising that there is so much more to life than what you previously thought possible.

The recent solar eclipse for many of you has been as the hitting of a reset button.

Let all that has gone before drop away. For the sun rises on a new day.

Think of the eclipse as a doorway into a new reality for you and that is what it shall be.

Walk through this doorway if you wish and know that what awaits you on the other side of the threshold is an opportunity to return to your true state as a being who is one in heart and mind with the Divine.

A new timeline has begun. You are integrating your darkness and rising in light. Welcome in the morning star that you are. Vibrant, pure, delight.

We are with you in love. We are shining our light and it is joining with yours. We sit in ceremony for you now. We hold you in light.

We recognise in you the pure light that you are. We hold this truth in our hearts and we share this with you now via this message so that you may recognise within yourselves the light that we see within you.

Love yourselves dearly, beloveds. As we love you infinitely. It is our dearest wish that you are able to love yourselves and each other in the same way.

We are holding this truth and we have every faith in your light. For the entire universe is depending on you.

Love, pure love – and the recognition and acceptance of that love – is the only way out of darkness. For love is neither dark nor light. It is the all and the everything. When you see this truth and know it, you become as one illuminated.

Meditate daily on love. Send it out to all across the universe. Radiate love from your hearts. Shine your love like the stars.

Beloveds, we are with you. We stand with you. We honour you. And we offer you our deepest gratitude – for you hold the balance of the entire cosmos within your very hearts.

Now do you understand who you are? The time has come to remember…

We are with you in divine love, service and ceremony,
The star councils of Auriga and Vega

End of transmission

(Image by NASA)