A Death

Precious Wisdom ~ A Death ~ Neptune sextile Saturn, 1/2/19 

I had all these visions of death during last night’s Neptune-Saturn snow flurry (read: purification) and loads of old traumatic experiences from this life and many past lives were flashing by. Some, I remembered. Some were new visions of old memories.

I asked my guides why I was being shown all this and they said I was going through a death and not to be afraid for on the other side was yet more life. I dreamt of all the people who had hurt me or wronged me in the past. And as they came up I was sending love and forgiveness to each of them. It was like they were moving out of my field once and for all. I had taken on board all the lessons they had brought me and it was time to let go of the pain attached to each experience. 

I feel this is happening for each of us more and more. Each time we shed another layer of the self we think we are, we align more deeply to our higher self and we rise in consciousness. 

This is true Alchemy. This is evolution. Change is at hand. Great change. I find it’s best not to fight the transformation. 

After all, you cannot keep a butterfly in its cocoon too long or it will never be able to fly… 

Poem: A Death

I was burnt at the stake

I was buried alive

I was abused

I was raped

And I barely survived

I was hunted 

And tortured 

I was hiding from fear 

I was bludgeoned 

And butchered 

I shed so many tears 

And all of those lifetimes 

Have come back to me 

They aren’t mere imaginings 

They are clear memories 

I died many times 

But was reborn again 

Each time to remember 

The reason I came 

But this time I’m not here 

To relive all that anguish 

I rise now to heal and forgive 

Not to vanquish 

The one who was in pain 

Is leaving 

Let her go into the light 

The one who still remains

No longer grieving 

She sees the end in sight 

Her future is so bright 

For she has let go her fight… 

1/2/19, alexandrawenman.com