Access The Keys To Your Ascension Gateway…


Dear ones, we come to you as the council of Orion.

We are bringing you the Golden Keys to Gateweay of Orion. This is the key to unlocking higher dimensions within your own consciousness. It is through initiations that this is achieved. Each initiation takes you to a different level of your awareness. Each level unlocks another dimension until you reach full enlightenment and can rest in the sanctity of the godhead within human form.

This is why many adepts throughout history took initiation within the Great Pyramid. It was directly linked to us and our energies. We oversaw the initiations of Giza personally. When the initiate was ready, they were able to connect to us in consciousness and we would give them the keys to the gateway of the upper dimensions – allowing them to let go of limitation or the belief that they were mere matter and let them truth whole truth of who they really are.

In these times, it is not always practical to undergo initiation in the great pyramid – although many of you are still coming to receive these energies – and so the initiations are being carried out within your daily lives. Think about this for a moment. Does it feel like you are being tested more often? Has time sped up? Are the challenges more difficult despite seeming more trivial on the surface? This is your initiation.

Many of you are drawn to the constellation of Orion in the night sky. We are calling to you. You may be aware of frequencies coming from the three stars known as Orion’s belt: Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak. This is where the collective star councils are accessed and the Golden Council of Orion presides. 

The central star of Alnilam is the transmitter of the keys to the higher dimensions and is aligned to light frequencies coming from many other galaxies. It is a portal or an antenna, if you will. And this star is directly linked in with the Great Pyramid. At this time on Earth, the Pyramids – of which there many more than you are even currently aware of – are being re-awakened. Many lightworkers are involved in this task. In particular, certain starseeds, who are being drawn to sacred sites around the planet either physically or through meditation. All this light being concentrated on these powerful portals of light is anchoring higher and higher knowledge and wisdom upon the Earth.

You humans are now evolving as a species much faster than you ever have before. By the year 2021 you will see much more evidence of this. Already you are questioning the news you are fed and the propaganda which is designed to keep you blind, deaf and dumb to the truth. We say to you now, question everything. Look to your heart for the truth. If something does not feel true to you, do not allow it to take hold in your consciousness. The simple test is to ask yourself the question: Is this information based on fear, or is it based on love? And let your reaction be the same: Will I choose to act out of fear or out of love? It really is that simple.

To activate the keys to the gateway of Orion, visit the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid in meditation and request initiation with the Councils of Orion. Feel the light from our central star Alnilam flooding down through the apex of the Pyramid and into your crown, third eye and then your heart and then see it flood down through your lower chakras and into your Earth star about a metre below your feet. You may even feel like you are travelling up into Alnilam and visiting with us and if this happens, just go with it. We welcome you and we may have information to give you about your own personal mission upon the Earth.

Many of you have had lifetimes in Orion and so will naturally feel drawn to this star system, as it feels like home.

We leave you now with one last thought – everyone on this planet is capable of, and ready for, initiation. You, as a collective are ready for evolution to higher consciousness. Those who fight the process will find it the most difficult so send love to those who are in a lower vibration and who have less knowledge of ‘spiritual concepts’. They too will awaken in time. Nothing can remain the same. Everything must evolve and change.

We have undergone the same process many times. We were not always a peaceful realm, but we have succeeded in attaining a peace beyond what you could even yet begin to comprehend. We offer this loving guidance so that you too can have lasting peace in Earth.

With love,

Your older brothers and sisters from The Golden Council of Orion.