Brigon on how to see beyond the veil of fear

Brigon on how to see your galactic guides (channelled by Alexandra Wenman, 14/8/17,


Why can some people see you in the picture from Lourdes while others are unable or unwilling to see?


For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, we will reveal ourselves.

People will ‘see’ according to their level of consciousness.

Those operating too much in their left or logical mind will see only what makes sense to them, or what they can rationally explain to themselves in relation to the world of physical matter.

Those who have opened to their ‘inner sight’ and developed right brain or intuitive senses will be more open and receptive to our presence. It is not only about seeing. You know yourself how you feel in your heart when we connect with you. For we arrive on the frequency of love vibration.

We are not here to raise fear. We do not wish to surprise or shock anyone. We are here in love and service.

We are more actively seeking to reveal ourselves to those who are already awakened to our presence or beginning to awaken and needing confirmation of what they already know.

Dear ones, we are among you. We have always been among you.

And now you shall be among us. Our worlds are merging. It is your awareness that allows it to be so. You are opening the door. You are the key. Your love and your willingness to love is what is opening the way.

For the pure of heart the door to the divine is always open.

For those who remain closed off to their divine nature through fear of judgment or otherwise, they shall not see – for their fear is what keeps them in the dark. Some will choose to be blind to our presence.

When you close your heart out of fear it is as a blindfold to the senses.

But do not pity, judge or undermine those who are not open to our presence. Merely lovingly accept where they are at in their own consciousness. Love and compassion are the only way to help raise the collective mind of humanity.

For a time is coming when more of you shall see than not see. And then the scales of love shall tip.

Feel no need to prove yourselves, dear ones. For those who are ready will step onto the path and venture through the veil when the time is right for them. Indeed, it is happening quickly now for many.

Come back to love. Trust in the light. All is happening as it is written.

In love and devotion,
Brigon the Blue Ray Arcturian