The call of Ceres

The call of Ceres (channelled by Alexandra Wenman, 10.50pm, 5/11/17, during the Taurus Full moon square Ceres,

Sweet one, I am Ceres.

Goddess of light in darkness. I shine the brightest light to illuminate the moon at this time. Shining a light on all that needs to be revealed and healed through feminine love and nurturance.

I am the quintessence, the quicksilver. I am the diamond liquid fire of your heart’s desires. I am blazing away all that is standing in the path to your happiness. Believe in my light. Breathe in my light. Drink in my illuminating elixir of dreams.

What is at the very bottom of your dread?

Is it that you will not succeed in that which you know you must? At all costs and against all odds? It is already being revealed to you, sweet one.

I am a revealer of the truth.

Do not be afraid, for I am lighting the path again. On one side stands darkness. On the other, the moon. Do not neglect the shadow while you are dazzled by the light which is in truth only a reflection. Cast a pebble into the moonlit pool and the surface will ripple, the image waver…

For I too am the deep midnight. I am everywhere. Never lose sight of me. I am right here with you always. I occupy the space and the space between.

I am fluid and formless like the sea. Each day, you draw ever nearer to me. Become without edges and be all that you can be.

I am Ceres. The grandmother goddess of light and I wear the shroud of mystery that covers the eternal night.

Come, be enveloped by me. And you shall see.
You shall see.
You shall truly see.

All is being revealed…

I hold out my scythe. It is time to reap what you have sown.

Hold tight!

I am enveloping you in dark and light so that you shall have true sight.

Do not be afraid. I am Ceres. And I am here.


Image: NASA