The Alexandra Wenman Show

Krysia Newman and Alexandra Wenman present… Nature's Calling: A magical Talk

Talk: Nature Rituals to Heal and Uplift by Krysia Newman and Alexandra Wenman

Vaz Sriharan: ‘New modalities are coming in which help accelerate the healing without bypassing it’

Adya Nova, Visionary Artist: ‘I channel and connect to the guide of the person I am painting for’

Justine Moran: 'My jewellery is inspired by nature. Sustainable and ethical design is so important'

Wellness Entrepreneur Lucia Diamond: 'I hate seeing people in pain – I always wanted to help people'

Mark Craddock: 'Traditional martial arts taught me aggression & conflict never lead to good results'

Escape to the beautiful Balinese jungle with a visit to DD Ubud Jungle Villa, Tegalalang

Process to neutralize + transmute 5G, EMF – Ancient Technology, Sacred Geometry, Shungite, Organite…