The Alexandra Wenman Show

Tansy Jane Dowman: 'When you’re out walking in nature, you’re surrounded by so much growth & wisdom'

Katie Oman: ‘This too shall pass. It may pass like a kidney stone but we’ll come out the other side’

Archangels of the Ascension Flames Meditation – as featured in the 'Archangel Fire Oracle' card deck

Diana Cooper interview: 'The unicorns say we have a magnificent future ahead. Focus on that'

Song: "Alchemist" by Alexandra Wenman ~ Lyrics & Vocals by Alexandra Wenman ~ Music by Kath Haling

Colm Holland on the Secrets of Alchemy: 'Your biggest obstacles will become your greatest treasure'

The Spiritual Scientist Maria Afentakis: ‘Albert Einstein woke me up at 3am to write this book’

How to work with Archangel Azrael – Angel of Transitions – to release uncertainty and insecurity

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