The Alexandra Wenman Show

Phi the Poet – Interview with a Hip Hop yogi: ‘I am trying to engender REAL Hip Hop’

Saori Kurata: ‘We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow… appreciate every day, every moment'

Tash Mitch: '‘Sacred geometry allows you to see that there’s a rhyme and reason… we’re not random’

'Poems of Precious Wisdom' Talk, Reading & Healing: 'These poems are prayers of the soul…'

Precious Wisdom Channelled Guidance and Meditation with The Rose-Violet Ray

Hira Hosén: 'Ascension can be any religion, any dogma… any dance, any meditation'

Chloe Isidora: ‘I’m offering my blood back to the earth – I'm connecting my womb to her womb'

Precious Wisdom Channelled Guidance from The Desert Oracle, Siwa, Egypt

Orbs, dragons and crystals – some of the things you'll find on a visit to Jo's Bookshop, Chingford