‘Who am I?’ Divine integration video course

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“Who am I?” Divine Integration online video course©

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A journey through 13 dimensions of creation / levels of consciousness to discover your God-self. This e-course places you at the very centre of your universe to help you tap into your true limitless nature.
You will learn how to align with your true soul purpose and live your
life from the perspective of Divine unconditional love…

What’s included:

Over 5 hours of video content
Guided meditations
Healing techniques
Personal development exercises
Empowerment tips
Self-help techniques
Channelled messages
Angelic guidance
Helpful advice
And more…

What you will discover:

Who you really are
How to empower and heal yourself
Your soul purpose / mission
Your past lives / stellar origins
Grounding and protection
How to cleanse your energy field
How to connect with the consciousness of all things
How to work with crystal consciousness
How to connect to the fairy realm
Who your personal guides are
Which ascended masters are assisting you
Which angels are working with you
Who your galactic tribe / galactic healing guides are
Who really created the universe
Information about sacred symbols
Information about ancient mystery schools
And more…


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Course Itinerary:

Video 1:  A bit about my journey and the start of yours…

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Video 2: Introduction

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Video 3: Preparation and gathering evidence

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Video 4: 1st Dimension: Mother earth / self

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Video 5: 2nd Dimension: Rocks, minerals, crystals, plants, fairies, elementals

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Video 6: 3rd Dimension: Humanity, Animals, insects, magic and love in the everyday

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Video 7: 4th Dimension: Emotions, desires, manifesting, law of attraction, spirit guides, deceased loved ones

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Video 8: 5th Dimension: Ascended Masters and inner plane masters: Lemurians, Atlanteans

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Video 9: 6th Dimension: Star beings, Pleiades, Andromeda, Orion, Sirius, Arcturus etc. Discovering your stellar origins etc

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Video 10: 7th Dimension: Sound
8th Dimension: Light
Connect with the Angelic Realm and the Unicorns

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Video 11:  9th Dimension: Divine Feminine
10th Dimension: Divine Masculine
Hieros Gamos: marriage of the Divine Feminine and Masculine within yourself and for the whole planet

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Video 12: 11th Dimension: Feeling connected to all
12th Dimension: Oneness with all and God
13th Dimension: Start of the next level of consciousness

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Video 13:  Conclusion, feedback, living your life from the divine perspective

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 Your only homework during this e-course is to journal about your experience and insights for personal reflection and your own personal development. 

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