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Becoming Crystalline

The shifting energies on our planet at present may mean uncomfortable changes in our physical state as the body adjusts to hold the new frequencies coming in. This experiential talk, group channelling and healing will aim to release any trapped energies, rebalance your system and support the physical body.

We will work with the angelic kingdom, elemental kingdom and council of light to understand the higher consciousness aspects of shifting emotions, vibration and any cellular changes occurring. The evening will be split into two parts, where Alexandra will give a talk highlighting some of the key factors of Ascension, followed by a channelling, group healing and meditation.

The processes shared will help you harness and better integrate the powerful light streams and cosmic rays currently showering our Earth.

In this talk, you will learn:

  • How to ground into your own soul energy as the earth moves further into her own flux state
  • How balance and regulate your energy field
  • How to neutralise trapped emotion and stuck energies
  • How to calm the nervous system and other systems of the body
  • How to assist the earth in these transitions
  • What are ascension symptoms? 
  • Why are we experiencing ascension symptoms? 
  • Examples of ascension symptoms
  • My experience and my more intense recent experiences - 5G / Covid-19 as global symptom of awakening and shadow coming to light 
  • Healing through ascension symptoms / using them as a tool to heal and transcend /
  • How I use my symptoms to transcend / heal - my process