Precious Wisdom – choosing to live again

Precious Wisdom – Choosing to live again 

I have been feeling it all so much again lately. Who’s with me? 

A client just read a post on Instagram that said we can choose to free ourselves from our remaining blocks. She asked me: ‘how do we free ourselves from our “remaining blocks”?’ 

I felt compelled to comment on this – not as a definitive answer to the question, but just to share my experience of the latest energies… 

Today I had a bit of a breakthrough and this might help to make sense of the choice aspect of that post in our lives and with regard to our emotional reactions. 

Today, I made conscious choice not to be so badly broken again by my circumstances, not to let another loss, another challenge take me to such a dark emotional place where I lose myself in darkness and turmoil yet again. 

Today, I decided to become more of the observer of my experience rather than see it as right or wrong. Why not choose this sooner, you might ask? Quite simply, I couldn’t have got to this place before. Not to this degree. In some ways it’s like a power has suddenly come over me. But I had to be broken down before I was even able to access and activate that power. 

It was underneath many layers of conditioning that had been piled on top of my true self like sediment. I have been chipping away and stripping away at those layers. Like many of us have for what seems like eternity. 

Really I haven’t been ‘getting rid of’ anything – merely acknowledging, integrating, loving and accepting deeper parts of my self, my nature and my own psyche. 

Now I feel I have reached a kind of transcendence. I am not repressing my emotions – I acknowledge they are there and, boy, do I feel them, but I choose not break any further. It’s like I have reached my own internal backstop. I choose not to let myself become overwhelmed by situations in my life. I choose to be with the emotions not engulfed by them. 

I choose to stand in my strength now. I choose to live with joy and peace – even in the midst of turbulence. 

My core is love. At my core there is no more need to fear. 

Perhaps there never were any blocks in the first place. Is it not just our perception which makes them blocks? Perhaps those blocks are really paving stones leading us up the path the heavenly garden. 

But surely the garden is here and now. 

Nothing has changed in my circumstances. I have changed the way I choose to see my circumstances. 

There is a difference between the things I want at a human level and the things I know are meant for me at a soul level. 

I trust my soul. So I’m giving permission for the human to now relax…