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Welcome 🙂

I want to introduce you to my world. To me the universe is filled with wonder and the world is a magical place – if you only know ‘how’ to look.

Ever since I was a tiny child, I have had the ability to see beyond this physical reality and experience other realms and dimensions of existence. I have learned that everything has a consciousness – animals, insects, plants and even rocks. Your own house has a consciousness of its own.

From my perspective the entire universe is alive, and we are all like the cells, molecules and atoms that make up that universe. As such, we are all connected and all part of the one whole. And the underlying energy or essence of this whole is pure unconditional love. We are built on love. And our bodies are made up of the same stuff as the very stars.

Because of my ability to see, feel, hear and experience existence beyond this 3D reality, I have a particular ability to communicate with angels, ascended masters, spirit guides and celestial beings of light. These guides and angels can assist you on your own healing journey, so that you can remember who you are, what your particular gifts are and how you are meant to be using them in this lifetime.

I began my training in alternative / complementary therapies back in 2007 and started seeing clients in 2009/10 alongside my day job as Editor for Prediction magazine in the UK. My business grew quickly via word of mouth as I began to receive incredible feedback about my healings and channelled guidance.

I spent many years working behind the scenes and keeping a low profile for fear of judgement and ridicule about the multidimensional nature of my work, but now scientists are catching up and quantum physics firmly backs up what the mystics have always known about the true holographic nature of the universe and our divinity.

Little by little I began to have the courage to talk more publically about how I see this beautiful world and our incredible infinite souls. In 2017 I started my YouTube channel ‘The Alexandra Wenman Show’, where I interview many others on a similar path to me and share my channelled guidance, healing and beautiful meditations journeys so that others can feel safe to share their stories and experiences too.


Beautiful soul. Every human being is unique. There is one of you, and only one. You are so very special. Each personal healing session with me is totally bespoke and specifically tailored to your individual needs.

These sessions are an alchemical transformative journey and you will experience powerful shifts in consciousness and feel much more happy, fulfilled and aligned with your soul purpose as a result.

My years of experience as a natural intuitive and trained alternative health therapist mean that I have an extensive holistic healing toolkit – all of the techniques I offer come tried and tested by yours truly, so having seen the amazing results of these modalities in my own life, I know they really work. I have also developed some of my own techniques and ways of working which you will not experience with any other therapist.

Using a combination of ‘mind therapy’ – where we are able clear and transmute any limiting belief patterns, contracts, thoughts and feelings you may be holding on to, as well as cleanse away negative energies, attachments and thought forms – along with powerful but relaxing ‘energy healing’ techniques (Precious Wisdom, Angelic Reiki), it is my aim to provide you with a safe and supportive environment to help bring you back into full alignment, so you can be free of the burdens that are holding you back, unlock your true potential and enjoy life to the fullest.

Some of the areas where I can be of assistance:
  • To enhance your own intuition and spiritual development
  • To boost self-esteem and self-empowerment
  • To improve confidence and motivation
  • Healing relationships
  • To manifest goals and desires
  • To enhance stamina and performance
  • To relieve stress and anxiety
  • To relieve insomnia
  • Healing shock and trauma
  • Pre-and post-natal support
  • Assisting with weight loss and fitness
  • Physical health and wellbeing
  • To quit smoking and addictions
  • To ease grief and heartbreak
  • To boost energy and vitality
  • Spirit and energy release
  • House and building clearance

What you can explore about yourself:

  • Meet your guides and angels
  • Explore your past lives
  • Work with your higher self
  • Enhance your own psychic gifts and abilities
  • Learn to be a channel
  • Empower yourself and release fears
  • Feel confident to step out of the spiritual closet
  • Unlock your own inner wisdom
  • Discover your life purpose
  • Experience other dimensions and realities



This beautiful and powerful hands-on healing technique is my baby. I have been channelling this golden energy and the powerful symbols associated with it since early 2012 with the help of Archangel Metatron and Lord Melchizedek…

What is Precious Wisdom Alchemy?

Precious Wisdom(™) is a divine channelled healing system gifted to the world through Alexandra Wenman by the Archangel Metatron, Lord Melchizedek and the councils of light. This system is here to assist in awakening us to our true power – the power of love. This beautiful healing is the energetic gift of Spiritual Alchemy delivered in the form of ancient sacred symbols and the universal golden ray of Lord Melchizedek.

The symbols used in this system are aligned with the principles of Sacred Geometry and Vortex Mathematics – this is ancient technology which works on combining the two polarising forces of the divine masculine and feminine to open a zero-point vortex of pure love. When applied to any person, place, situation or circumstance, Precious Wisdom opens the field of the highest potential, so that the most perfect outcome may arrive.

Working within this neutralising and harmonising field helps to open you to your soul purpose and align your life to its highest potential. You will find that your own innate extrasensory gifts and higher wisdom will begin to rapidly awaken as a result. Anything that has been hidden in shadow may also begin to surface in order to be healed and integrated. Moving into 5D consciousness is the ultimate transcendence beyond duality and the concepts of light and dark, good and bad etc. Precious Wisdom will support you and accelerate you through the global ascension process, which all of humanity is undergoing at this time. As a collective, we are breaking down the veils of illusion and stepping further into the truth of who we really are as Divine, multidimensional beings housed in physical bodies.

The process can help to balance and harmonise Ascension symptoms and integrate the influx of cosmic energies coming into our planet and our energy fields. Likewise, Precious Wisdom helps to gently streamline the rising kundalini energy and can neutralise imbalanced and disruptive frequencies, including interference from other people, spirit and external sources, such as geopathic stress, galactic shockwaves, solar storms and EMF. It also helps to offset and transmute 5G radiation.

The energies of this system are very grounding and aligning, and will help you to claim back your power and to follow your own inner truth, so you can live out your highest calling within this lifetime.

Precious Wisdom is a channelled Alchemical Healing system, which attunes you to 8 ancient and powerful symbols to increase your self-awareness, improve your outlook on life and help you rapidly step into your own power.

Like Reiki, the treatment is done with the client lying on a therapy couch or sitting in a chair and the energy is delivered via the healer gently placing their hands on or over the client.


As part of the Precious Wisdom healing process, I may be called upon by my guides to extract or remove negative energies or trapped emotions. This doesn’t happen in every session – only when it seems necessary for the client.  I have received incredibly positive feedback from the clients I have performed this practice on.


This process enables you to access any negative or limiting beliefs, thoughts or feelings that may be stored in your unconscious mind and to change them instantly to more positive and uplifting beliefs. When we hold negative or limiting subconscious beliefs or programmes, they can affect our everyday reality by creating ‘blocks’ or keeping us stuck in a situation that we would rather be free of. For example: if you have a limiting belief, such as ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ or ‘money is the root of all evil’, then you may be experiencing this as a block to your financial abundance in your physical reality.

Through a process called ‘dowsing’, we are able to ascertain which beliefs need clearing and ensure that they are replaced with more positive and uplifting thoughts, feelings and programmes, so that you can move forward with ease.


As part of every session, I use my natural intuitive abilities and gift of channelling to deliver helpful messages and advice that will aid you with your healing, empowerment and self-development. The messages are lovingly given by your guides and angels to help you through any situation you may currently be dealing with.

Please note: This is not a fortune-telling reading. I find that fortune-telling or ‘prophesy’ is not empowering for the client and tends to distract from the real work that needs to be done. As a result, these readings and healings are able to help create a deep shift in consciousness and many of my clients have reported experiencing an instant change in their energy, emotions and even their physical reality directly after a session.


Angelic Reiki is a safe, completely natural method of Angelic Healing which can address physical, emotional and mental imbalances and provide healing with spiritual issues. Angelic Reiki aligns you with your higher self and allows the purest angelic healing energies to facilitate balance and promote wellbeing.

Angelic Reiki in-person and distant healing treatments are suitable for anyone, at any age, with any condition. Pregnant women can benefit from treatments. Angelic Reiki can be used alongside orthodox medicine and/or complementary therapies.

Benefits from receiving Angelic Reiki treatments and from learning Angelic Reiki for personal, spiritual and/or professional reasons are many and varied. No two treatments are the same; each provides precisely what best promotes optimum wellbeing for you, on all levels, at that time. And the healing continues for 3 to 4 weeks following the treatment.

Similar to Angelic Reiki, Shambhala Healing is a gentle energy healing method which is designed to create heaven on earth for the client by harnessing the vibration of pure love.

~ Face-to-face, Zoom, Skype or FaceTime consultations are available ~

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