Who am I?

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Here is what I know. I am not who I once thought I was. We are not who we think we are.

We, as a race, may indeed be humans, but we are certainly not limited to this third dimensional reality that we currently find ourselves in.

I know this because, for a very long time during this current lifetime I am living as Alexandra Clare Wenman, I have had experiences of myself as something other than this ‘me’. I have had past life memories resurface as clearly as my ordinary memories. And I have been aware of myself as other people, and other beings, and also been aware of myself occupying other realities, realms, planets and dimensions – all whilst still being aware of and experiencing this current lifetime, reality and dimension. It’s like being in a holographic reality, where all the veils between my lifetimes have dropped away and I can see into the eternity of my soul.

These experiences I have are pretty frequent. They are not mere visions or imaginings, though. They are very real, fully embodied physical experiences, where I find myself so expanded that at the same time I am occupying my physical body, I am also bigger than the universe and experiencing the most profound and loving connection to the entire cosmos you could ever hope to imagine.

Sometimes these experiences even go beyond the cosmos and allow me to feel utterly limitless. I can see, feel, hear, taste, experience and simultaneously know myself as an infinite being-ness. I can touch all of existence and all life. And I am bathed in sheer unadulterated bliss. Words cannot even describe it.

While it may sound pretty ‘out there’, I assure you that, despite these incredible and seemingly unprovable or unexplainable happenings, I am not mentally ill – far from it. In fact, sometimes I am surprised that I haven’t actually gone mad with all I know and have the ability to see. But the truth remains: I am a very ordinary woman, who for some reason just happens to have very extraordinary abilities.

I have experienced this infinite state of being so many countless times now that it has become a way of life and very much part of how I see myself and my identity. I feel the interconnectedness of all things – all beings, all realities, all dimensions – as a part of myself. Sometimes, this has happened in public places – in a cafe, on the tube, in the bath, sitting behind my computer at work…

For a long time now I have not been limited to 3D consciousness and so sometimes I do find it difficult to relate to people who only identify with this limited realm and way of being. Sometimes this has cost me dear friendships. Not everyone is comfortable with what they don’t know or understand. Don’t get me wrong, I am very much involved in the ‘real world’. I love being normal girl and drinking red wine and shoe shopping with the best of them. I know very well how to remain grounded – in fact, it’s more and more necessary to remain connected to the ‘here and now’ as these experiences deepen and progress. But more and more I am meeting others like me, who know they are so much more and who have also tangibly felt and experienced themselves as part of a greater whole, a more expanded consciousness or universal oneness.

I believe we are among the first of our kind to fully wake up and remember who we are, and who we are really meant to be as human beings. I believe we are really a divine, multidimensional and limitless race. We are powerful beings of extraordinary capabilities. We are meant to be co-creators of our own lives and experiences. We have just forgotten. Or, rather, the ability to remember has been taken from us. However this travesty occurred, we have now, for the first time in thousands of years, returned to the ideal conditions on this planet where achieving ‘enlightenment’ is not only possible as part of our daily lives, it is where our entire race is now headed.

We are returning to our divine blueprint.

And, in my experience, that blueprint is quite simply a state of the purest limitless and most exhilarating embodiment of love. We are love embodied. And we are beginning to remember just what that means…

The time has come. Remember who you are…