I want to introduce you to my world...

To me the universe is filled with wonder and the world is a magical place – if you only know 'how' to look.

Ever since I was a tiny child,

I have had the ability to see beyond this physical reality and experience other realms and dimensions of existence. I have learned that everything has a consciousness – animals, insects, plants and even rocks. Your own house has a consciousness of its own.

From my perspective the entire universe is alive, and we are all like the cells, molecules and atoms that make up that universe. As such, we are all connected and all part of the one whole. And the underlying energy or essence of this whole is pure unconditional love. We are built on love. And our bodies are made up of the same stuff as the very stars. 

Because of my ability to see, feel, hear and experience existence beyond this 3D reality, I have a particular ability to communicate with angels, ascended masters, spirit guides and celestial beings of light. These guides and angels can assist you on your own healing journey, so that you can remember who you are, what your particular gifts are and how you are meant to be using them in this lifetime.

I began my training in alternative / complementary therapies back in 2007 and started seeing clients in 2009/10 alongside my day job as Editor for Prediction magazine in the UK. My business grew quickly via word of mouth as I began to receive incredible feedback about my healings and channelled guidance. 

I know what it is like to be an undercover lightworker. I spent many years behind the scenes, keeping a fairly low profile. I used to get a little nervous talking about the multidimensional nature of my work, but now scientists are catching up and quantum physics firmly backs up what the mystics have always known about the true holographic nature of the universe and our divinity. We are living in an exciting time indeed!

Little by little I began to have the courage to talk more publicly about how I see this beautiful world and our incredible infinite souls. In 2017 I started my YouTube channel 'The Alexandra Wenman Show', where I interview many others on a similar path to me and share my channelled guidance, healing and beautiful meditations journeys so that others can feel safe to share their stories and experiences too.


As a teacher of angels and alchemy, pioneer of Precious Wisdom and priestess of the divine feminine, Alexandra Wenman is the go-to voice for the cosmically curious. Devoted to normalising the conversation about spirituality and awakening, Alexandra brings the ‘out there’ in here with her down-to-earth approach to channelling higher wisdom, connecting to angels and guides, navigating the dreamscape, accessing our soul records, recognising our true multidimensional birth-right and honouring our divinity.

Acting as a cosmic compass, light-bringer, activator, alchemist, channel and seer, Alexandra facilitates deep healing and transformation in her sessions and workshops by connecting you with your higher self and light guides, giving you access to your soul records, inspiring you to discover your inner magic and lovingly guiding you to a deeper understanding of who you are. A trusted author, speaker, healer, poet and presenter, Alexandra has become a go-to expert and wise woman in a world that is waking up quicker than ever before.

Previously editor of Prediction, a national holistic magazine, articles by and about Alexandra have appeared in Spirit & Destiny, Natural Health, NOW, Women’s Weekly, Chat It’s Fate and Kindred Spirit magazines. Her collections of poetry Poems of Precious Wisdom and The Poetry of Light are out now through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Alexandra has previously co-authored 21 Rituals To Connect With Nature by Theresa Cheung (Watkins), and has written for Jenny Smedley’s A Year With The Angels (Hay House), Starting a Spiritual Business by Charlotte Anne Edwards (John Hunt) and Amazon bestselling anthology Thresholds – 75 stories of How Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Life

Alexandra’s first card deck Archangel Fire Oracle (Findhorn / Inner Traditions) is out in April 2021. 

For free guidance and expert interviews, watch The Alexandra Wenman Show on YouTube.