A time for new beginnings…

Welcome to Alchymystic, a divine compendium and portal devoted to consciousness exploration, Ascension, embodying the sacred and anchoring your personal heaven upon the Earth. 

As we grow together, you can expect to find an abundance of resources in this space, including book and oracle card readings and reviews, positive news, articles, information, poetry, podcasts, interviews, ethical fashion / jewellery / beauty product showcases, spiritual writing tips and prompts, holistic business tips, guided processes, channelled guidance, meditations, activations and more…

What is Alchymystic and why now?

The word ‘Alchymystic’ was channelled by author and founder Alexandra Wenman – that’s me! :-) – a number of years ago as a way to describe the bridging of Alchemy (spelled in ye olde worlde way of ‘Alchymy’) and Mysticism. 

I have been using this word as the title for my online school at for some years now and also as the name for a beautiful conference called I ran in Glastonbury with a gorgeous group of fellow Alchemists and healers in November 2022. 

I am deeply passionate about the connection between science and sacred geometry and the spiritual world, so look out for some wonderful developments in those areas here in the not too distant future.  

As the author of two poetry collections ‘Poems of Precious Wisdom’ and ‘The Poetry of Light’), a book on my healing system ‘Archangel Alchemy Healing’, a children’s book (‘Dear Little Angels: Ariel’) and two oracle card decks (‘Archangel Fire Oracle’ and ‘Water Alchemy Oracle’), and as the former editor of Prediction Magazine in the UK, I wanted a platform in which to continue to share my wealth of knowledge on the subjects that set my own heart alight. 

Everything I teach and write about is designed to help you embody your most sacred and beautiful life, and I hope this magazine and sacred space will provide you with some helpful processes, insights and wisdom to integrate the vast energetic shifts and changes we are going through as a collective. You can read more about me and my journey at or watch my YouTube channel at

Are you an Alchemist?  

If this word resonates with you, you too may be one of the many beautiful souls who has dedicated their life to the betterment of humankind. And it is in service to these compassionate people that I wanted to create a wider space and community in the spirit of support and generosity. 

Be part of a network of light 

If you know of others who would resonate with the tools and offerings here, please do invite and share. When we connect in groups in person or online, we are powerful. We are creating a diamond network of grace across the earth to unite the tribes, and helping to lift the hearts and minds of all. 

So here we go, hand in hand, through the doorway to the divine… 

Love Alexandra xxx