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As a pioneer of Precious Wisdom and Archangel Alchemy, and priestess of the Divine Feminine, Alexandra Wenman is the go-to voice for the cosmically curious. Devoted to normalising the conversation about spirituality and awakening, Alexandra brings the ‘out there’ in here with her down-to-earth approach to channelling higher wisdom, accessing our Akashic and soul records, recognising our true multidimensional nature and honouring our divinity.

Acting as a cosmic compass, light-bringer, activator, alchemist, channel and seer, Alexandra facilitates deep healing and transformation by connecting you with your higher self and light guides, giving you access to your soul records and past lives, inspiring you to discover your inner magic, and lovingly guiding you to a deeper understanding of who you really are.

A trusted author, speaker, healer, poet and presenter, Alexandra has become a go-to expert and wise woman in a world that is waking up quicker than ever before.

Previously editor of a national holistic magazine, articles by and about Alexandra have appeared in Spirit & Destiny, Natural Health, NOW, Women’s Weekly, Chat It’s Fate and Kindred Spirit magazines. Her collections of poetry ‘Poems of Precious Wisdom’ and ‘The Poetry of Light’ are out now through, Amazon and Barnes and Noble with her main work ‘Precious Wisdom ~ Alchemy of Awakening’ coming in 2020.

ANNOUNCING: ‘archangel fire oracle’

‘Archangel Fire Oracle’ card deck

Alexandra Wenman

“These cards will give you wings!” – Theresa Cheung,
Sunday Times Bestselling Author

Foreword by Diana Cooper,
Bestselling International Angel Author

Different to other angel cards on the market, the Archangel Fire Oracle is an interactive alchemical healing deck, which has been specifically channeled to assist you during this time of global awakening and Ascension.

The oracle takes you on a transformational journey through the sacred flames and colours of the Diamond Rainbow Spectrum. The 17 suits and 40 Archangels are also associated with specific chakras, crystals, essential oils, sigils and star systems. Working with these sacred keys initiates a powerful alchemical process within you, which heightens your senses and enhances your personal connection to the angelic and celestial realms.

Each card guides you through the initiatory process of Diamond Fire Alchemy – a guided visual and symbolic journey, which attunes you to the potent energy of each angel’s flame and its properties. This enables you to embody the specific gifts and qualities of each of the Archangels and Guides. The goal is to “Become the Angel” – to live your life as the best and most divine aspect of yourself, so that you may align to your soul purpose, create your version of Heaven on Earth and achieve enlightenment right here within your daily, waking life.

So, take a deep breath and step boldly upon the rainbow bridge. Heaven awaits…

The Archangel Fire Oracle is available for pre-order now:


The Poetry of Light is a powerful alchemical collection of works by healer, speaker, mystic and author, Alexandra Wenman. Taking you beyond the realms of the logical mind and into the otherworlds of the sacred and divine, these poems will have you soaring high and diving deep into your own imagination to bring the sub-conscious to life. A healing tome, giving you rare insights into what it means to experience a true, embodied awakening, this book can be used like an oracle – pick a page at random to receive guidance on any question your heart yearns to know the answer to…




A Journey of Awakening: Poems of Precious Wisdom is a collection of channelled work which tells the story of one woman’s experience of ‘The Dark Night Of The Soul’, and the subsequent profound awakening and rebirth she undergoes as a result of her experience.  Much more than a collection of poetry, this book takes the reader on a personal healing journey through their shadow and into the light and wisdom of their true majesty. This book will help reveal the gold of your soul. Alexandra’s story is a story familiar to all of us. The powerful energy contained in her words will lead you on your own journey of personal transformation and enlightenment. This is poetry as alchemy. 

“Alexandra – amazing Intuitive Channel and Wisdom Teacher presents a bag of poetic jewels that takes us deep into earthy mystery and at the same time soaring into heavenly delights. Deep, fluid, evocative, wild and passionate. I found this book to express pure gold.” – Steve Nobel,


Barnes and Noble

’21 rituals to connect with nature’

This book contains 21 simple, easy daily rituals to help you tune into the natural world around you helping you to feel more grounded and connected to yourself and others. It is well known that spending time in nature increases our health, vitality, and sense of wellbeing.

Buy the book here…

Alexandra’s first in a series of children’s books on the Archangels, entitled Dear Little Angels is out now ( is out now.


Articles by and about Alexandra and her work have appeared in Natural Health, Spirit & Destiny, Soul & Spirit, Kindred Spirit, Chat It’s Fate and Woman’s Weekly magazines.

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