Uncategorized Nov 10, 2019

I am in the forest. Ahead of me and looking directly at me is a female reindeer with giant antlers that seem to go on forever. She lifts her head and sniffs the air and, in the wintery frost, her breath becomes smoke. She turns slightly, indicating that I should follow and as I walk beside and slightly behind her, a golden path opens through the woods. I can see her powerful hind quarters are strong, her pace steady and assured. We come to a clearing. A bright red apple hangs in the air directly in the centre of a circle of ancient trees.

A woman in a black cloak appears. It is she who is holding the apple aloft.

Into the clearing step women cloaked in black, their faces hooded against the soft starlight.

The first woman steps backward to join the ring of women.

The reindeer enters the circle then and as I move forward to gaze in at her, I see that she is now lying on her side. Something is tucked snuggly up against her. It is a pure, white newborn fawn. Her body is curled...

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