The Order of The Goddess follows the tradition of the ancient priestess lineages around the world, such as Mary Magdalene, Isis, Hathor, Brigid, Aphrodite, Venus, Diana etc and is a sacred space for women to feel safe, embrace their inner power and be supported and held through any trials they may be facing. These events are designed to help women embrace their inner magic and majesty.

Initiation into the sacred Order of The Goddess helps you to re-awaken your divine feminine power, heal old wounds and ancestral patterns, release trauma, move with the rhythms and cycles of life, enhance your sacred relationships to self and others, and activate your innate gifts, beauty, joy and creativity.

Each event centres around a different theme to create a safe and sacred space in which women can experience and enjoy the unfoldment of their unique gifts through celebration, healing, honouring, sharing, support and renewal. These themes are loosely based on the seasons, rhythmns and cycles of the traditional Goddess wheel of the year and the magic of the cosmos, as well as other sacred feminine rites which cater to the needs of each specific group.


  • Initiation into the Order of The Goddess
  • Attunement to the diamond flame of purity
  • Healing, activations and guided meditations
  • Channelled guidance
  • Womb Wisdom
  • Sacred journeying
  • Sound healing, dance and movement
  • Sacred sharing and support circles
  • The Shamanic Rite of The Womb
  • How to unlock your inner power and self-expression through writing, drawing, chanting, dance etc
  • Cacao ceremonies
  • The opportunity to make new friends within a heart-centred and supportive community environment
  • Guidance for setting up and running your own goddess circle


  • Packed lunch and a drink / bottle of water

  • Notepad and pen

  • Pillow and blanket

  • Wear warm, layered clothes so you can wrap up / peel off accordingly.
    The room is a large hall so can be on the chilly side. We do have some heaters as well.

  • Any sacred objects for the altar (optional)

  • Drum, bell or musical instrument (optional)

"Beautiful new moon female celebration at The Order of The Goddess circle. Amazing host Alexandra Wenman created a sacred space for women the share their journey. Energy healing, channelling, meditation sharing... exactly what women need right now with all the intense energies on the planet. You can sign up for her next event in London, check Alexandra’s website. What an Amazing day!"

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"Thank you for this stunning workshop!! It was emotional, inspiring and absolutely beyond magical. Love you dear sister, goddess and wisdom keeper."


"What a beautiful day, Alexandra! Talks, meditation, celebration and such a beautiful tribe of international, strong, independent, successful and supportive spiritual women. Can’t wait for the next gathering."



Epione Wellbeing Centre,
Denmark Road (Off Wightman Road)
Turnpike Lane
London N8 0DZ
Nearest Tube: Turnpike Lane, London


Epione is the Greek goddess of soothing / soothing pain, so our venue is beautifully attuned to the energy of healing feminine wounding and reclaiming our goddess power.